PUBG MOBILE 0.16.0 Update: Death Race Mode, Snowy Erangel Map and More

PUBG MOBILE 0.16.0 Update: Death Race Mode, Snowy Erangel Map and More :- The PUBG MOBILE team has been now adding new content to the game steadily for a while in order to keep their loyal players happy. Version 0.16.0 has released in certain regions which are also giving us an initial look at what we can expect from the upcoming update.

PUBG MOBILE 0.16.0 Update

Also, from the past few months, we have also seen quite of new gameplay modes, along with the Payload mode being the latest one, as well as a brand new map for the TDM mode. In addition to that, the team isn’t bringing to an end there as with the upcoming PUBG MOBILE update, there’s a lot of new stuff going on for players to enjoy this gameplay.

The content is soon going to land on the beta version of PUBG MOBILE along with that if the whole thing goes alright, the stable version might possibly get them within a few weeks.

Here’s a brief explanation of what the next version 0.16.0 update is going bring to the table for its players.

 TPP to FPP Switch

It has been seen a lot that a majority of players play PUBG Mobile in TPP or third person perspective. At the same time there is also a first person option and the game treats both perspectives in a different way. That may possibly change with the upcoming update as a quick switch button is being added to the game.

On the other hand, Players might possibly switch between TPP and FPP within a match deprived of having to switch from the lobby menu. At the same time it also seems to work while driving vehicles. Now, this is possibly going to be an interesting addition as TPP and FPP players would basically play matches together.

PUBG New Map: Snow in Erangel

Similar to the Halloween mode, Erangel is also getting a new add-on mode. There are certain areas on the map that are covered in snow as well as also bring some big loot crates. In addition to that, the snow patches also comprise of ski lift/trolley towers as well as players can use skiing boards which funnily works on all surfaces. We are supposing that this new mode is going to be temporary as well as it will be selected randomly similar to the Halloween mode.

 Death Race

The new Death Race mode is going to allow the players to battle it out in teams with the help of vehicles. These vehicles are going to be equipped with heavy weapons as well as players are going to have to complete the race around a short course while removing rivals. On the other hand, the mode will also spawn crates in between for offering power-ups. Death Race mode is possibly going to be accessible under the EvoGround mode. To some extent, it is like Team Deathmatch but at the same time with heavy weapons as well as weapon mounted vehicles.