Pubg Mobile Banned Accounts of Those who get 8000UC for Free

Pubg Mobile Banned Accounts of Those who get 8000UC for Free: On Friday, there was a glitch in which you can get 8100UC at zero rupees in Pubg Mobile, however, the glitch was immediately fixed by Google within a couple of hours. Well, that was pretty shocking as you were getting 8100UC in Pubg Mobile just for free which at the same time you can spend correspondingly. As it is unexpected so everyone might be interested in knowing that how this thing actually happened.

Pubg Mobile Ban

So here’s what happened, Google Play Store posted various offers and the offers which were posted by Google Play Store was because of Holi which also comprises the glitch that was Rs 140 offer to several operators which you can get discount while buying an App or in-game items in Play Store.

So at that time someone took advantage of this keeping in mind that the Season 6 was lately updated and misused this Rs 140 voucher and as a result the glitch spread like fire.

A lot of People posted several videos on YouTube and Facebook declaring that 8100UC in your Pubg Mobile account for free. This trick was only functioning specially in India and a lot of players used this trick to get 8100UC.

At first most of the users thought that it is just a joke or a trick but what they actually found that it wasn’t a hoax and 8100UC was actually transacted in Pubg Mobile users account whoever accessed to this trick. Well, as soon as this trick spreaded as fire, Google Play Store took this as a serious concern and fixed and solved this issue within a few hours.

Well, it will be interesting to know that Pubg Corp will ban the players for this or not. But according to us, there is a very less chance that they will take this step as it was a glitch by Google and due to which players used it.

Many users are now using RP by the same trick. This trick spread very speedily and with very less steps to accomplish. Well, you can still find the videos regarding this on YouTube. On the other hand, both companies took a heavy loss for the reason of the bug by Google.

Pubg have further disabled the gift option in the game as there were many people who were making numerous accounts and gifting to their main account.

The error message from PUBG reads, “The payment has been cancelled. Your account is at risk, so the item is unable to trade for now. You can submit your question following the instruction provided on its forum or contact customer services directly”.