PUBG Mobile India ban: Bombay High Court directs Centre to take required action accordingly

PUBG Mobile India ban: Bombay High Court directs Centre to take required action accordingly: PUBG Mobile which is the most popular smartphone game all around the world, is under scrutiny in India and facing a possible ban in the country. The Bombay High Court has at present directed the Union government to look into PUBG Mobile and take required actions as a result.

As per to a report, the Union government has been directed to study the contents of PUBG Mobile and even prohibit the game if required. The court’s verdict comes from a public interest litigation (PIL) filed by an 11-year old kid in Mumbai who seeed for a ban on PUBG Mobile. Ahad Nizam, who has previously filed the PIL through his mother months ago, said that PUBG Mobile stimulates violence, anger and cyber-bullying.

This isn’t the first of PUBG Mobile’s afflictions as the battle royale game has previously encountered prohibitions in the state of Gujarat. In some cities the authorities had banned PUBG Mobile comprising Rajkot, Ahmedabad as well as Himmatnagar. Even though the ban has been lifted at present, but at the duration of the course of it police have arrested around 21 people in total for playing the game in public places.

Earlier to this, the Vellore Institute of Technology in Tamil Nadu has also banned PUBG Mobile. Goa’s minister of information technology is also looking for a ban on PUBG Mobile. Common causes came for PUBG Mobile ban which turned around disruption to kids’ studies, mental effects and even health concerns.

The Internet Freedom Foundation (IFF) on the other hand, has filed a PIL earlier the Gujarat High Court challenged the PUBG Mobile ban. The IFF claims that PUBG Mobile prohibition violates Articles 14, 19 and 21 of the Indian Constitution. The IFF is now expecting a hearing on the same in a week or two.

By seeing the on-going ban demands for banning the game, PUBG Mobile in their reaction said that it expects to have a “constructive dialogue with relevant authorities to explain our objectives and that they withdraw the prohibition”.

PUBG Mobile has recently started testing a six-hour time limit for the game users in India after the ban started implementing on the game in various places in India. They introduced six-hour time limit testing as “Healthy Gaming System”, PUBG Mobile players in India were barred from playing the game further than six hours. This feature on the other hand had a glitch as some operators couldn’t play even deprived of crossing the time limit.

The company expressed their regret saying there was a bug in the health reminder for PUBG Mobile. It is yet to present an effective measure to limit or control PUBG Mobile obsession in the country.