PUBG Mobile Updates; New Zombies’ Affect in Erangel Map

PUBG Mobile Updates; New Zombies’ Affect in Erangel Map: You all should know that the PUBG Mobile Game is out now and you all can enjoy it. Yes! You are reading it right, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is going to make you all amazed as the developer are coming up with the new updates. Sources are saying that in this new updated game you’ll see zombies. Even, the reports suggested that the new updates will fix a lot of bugs which is great news for the PUBG mobile users and gamers.

PUBG Mobile Players Discover Dead Zombies in Erangel; Have You Seen Them Yet?

We think that the PUBG is going to reach more people now as the company is keep on developing it. Also, the reports are coming that the Tencent Games recently announced its collaboration with the team at RE_Games for the remake of Resident Evil 2 which is why you all are going to see the zombies here and there on the game. Also, the reports are coming that few players have spotted black liquid (supposedly zombie blood) on floors with foot stains in Erangel map.

Reports are coming that the players are now seeing the dead zombies lying at the isolated islands near the Military Base area in Erangel. Some reports has suggested that the update could bring in a new Zombie mode. Also, the sources are saying that it could change the way of this game is being played in between people. Also, the reports are suggested that the new death cam feature, and a new weapon called the MK47 Mutant is also included.

Even might for the fun or attract the Asian audience they have added the auto-rickshaw equivalent called Tukshai. Overall, it is a great way of making things right for the company and theyare trying to keep it hard to engage the users. Also, they don’t want to disturb anybody and that’s the whole game behind the team. Overall, the new updates will be available for the download from the playstore after the 20th, January 2019.