PUBG PC 4.1 Updates: PUBG Season 4 Aftermath Pass & New Erangel Patch Notes Download

Battle Royale game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is now all set for getting a new PUBG PC Update 4.1 which gets the fourth Season of the game. As per to the developers this new season is going to bring quite a small number of changes. The blog also mentions that moving forward, the game updates is going to turn around new seasons. PUBG Mobile Latest updates

PUBG PC 4.1 Update

Well, with this new update, you can expect new content, skins, gameplay updates, as well as Survivor Pass with lots of missions along with rewards that you will enjoy the most. Season 4 is going to launch on consoles in late Summer. With a new first-ever cinematic trailer the devs are introducing a visually revised Erangel map. Fortnite Patch Notes Updates

Here are some of the major changes regarding the PUBG PC Update 4.1:

Erangel visual update

As the PUBG gamers know that Erangel is the oldest map in the game, as this was the first map with which PUBG was launched. It was not up till an entire year later that people got an additional map. With this new Erangel visual update, the team has updated the textures, grass as well as patched up the map.

Well, there are various other areas which have been updated to discover once you drop in. The existing areas on the other hand such as terrain, signage, as well as buildings,  have been updated up and a few buildings are also added to some areas.


The new season with this new update is going to bring a balance in loot as well as the first re-balance in vehicles too. Turntables is now added to the map which is going to play music. The blue zone on Erangel has been balanced as well. Call of Duty Mobile for PC

Even some of the the vehicles have also seen several changes. Now, for the first time, healing items will also work while walking. Talking about the weapons such as Kar98k, shotguns, SMGs and crossbow has seen a buff. On the other hand, M24, and all 7.62mm ammo assault rifles have seen a nerf.


The new season will comes along all-new Survivor Pass and the Survivor Pass 4: Aftermath discloses the past as well as the present of Erangel through skins and items from the wide-ranging history of the island. The new Survivor Pass also comes with a cooperative task system where players can together work in order to complete mission objectives and to also earn the rewards. The Survivor Pass is going to start from July 23 and will run through up till October 15. PUBG Mobile For PC

New Cooperative Mission System

Survivor Pass 4: Aftermath has a new cooperative mission system that is going to let the players to work together in the direction of milestones as well as rewards. Here players can outlook the mission progress device on the mission tab, and will collect rewards when every single step is accomplished.

Survival Tile System Season 4

Survival Title Season 4 has arrived with new season rewards!

  • Survival Title System Season 4 begins once PC Update 4.1 hits live servers.
  • Survival Points (SP) earned from the previous season are soft-reset.
    • Your previous SP is reset, although it’s taken into account when determining your starting SP for the new season.
  • SP gains have been increased significantly in Erangel, Miramar and Vikendi to make SP earned more fair across all maps with a similar time played.


“Equal opportunity looting.”

For PUBG SEASON 4, we rebalanced many of the game’s weapons and vehicles. The patch includes balance adjustments to not only existing weapons and items, but also our first rebalance on vehicles. As always, we will be listening to feedback on the balancing, so please let us know how the all the changes feel together.

There are a whole lot of changes in this patch, so be sure to check out everything below! Because knowing is about fifty percent of the battle.

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