Puducherry Lok Sabha Election Result 2019: Live Vote Counting, Party Winner Candidates List Seat Wise

Puducherry Lok Sabha Election Result 2019: Live Vote Counting, Party Winner Candidates List Seat Wise: Puducherry which was initially known as Pondicherry is a union territory in India. It was formed out of four exclaves of previous French India, namely Pondichéry, Karikal (Karaikal), Mahé and Yanam (Yanam). Talking about the Lok Sabha seats of Puducherry, the state has total number of 1 seat in the Lok Sabha, out of which no seats is reserved for Scheduled Castes neither any seat is reserved for Scheduled Tribes.  Not only Lok Sabha, but also Puducherry also offers 1 seat in the Rajya Sabha. Lok Sabha Election Result 2019

Puducherry Lok Sabha Election Results 2019

In the year 2014 Lok Sabha elections, the All India NR Congress had won this seat with a total number of vote share of 35.6 per cent. While on the other hand, Indian National Congress had stood second in terms of vote share (27.2 per cent) but was unsuccessful in order to win the seat. This year in 2019, the votings for Puducherry Lok Sabha Election were held in Phase 2 on April 18 and the result for the same will be declared on May 23.

Which Party would get majority seats in 2019 Lok Sabha elections?


Puducherry Election Live Vote Counting Result Updates

At the time of the earlier general elections which was held in the year 2014, Puducherry had a total number of 901,292 registered electors, out of which 82.11 per cent, or 740,053, exercised their right to franchise all over 905 polling stations in order to select their only Member of Parliament from among 30 candidates.

Puducherry Lok Sabha election constituency seat wise result

In this constituency, one of the most successful parties is the Indian National Congress, whose members have won nine out of the thirteen elections which was held as of 2014.

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Puducherry general Election Results 2019 Party wise

Here is the list of Puducherry’s Members of Parliament:

Election Member Party
1967 Thirumudi N. Sethuraman Indian National Congress
1971 Mohan Kumaramangalam Indian National Congress
1977 Aravinda Bala Pajanor All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam
1980 P. Shanmugam Indian National Congress (Indira)
1984 P. Shanmugam Indian National Congress
1989 P. Shanmugam Indian National Congress
1991 M. O. H. Farook Indian National Congress
1996 M. O. H. Farook Indian National Congress
1998 S. Arumugham Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam
1999 M. O. H. Farook Indian National Congress
2004 M. Ramadass Pattali Makkal Katchi
2009 V. Narayanasamy Indian National Congress
2014 R. Radhakrishnan All India N.R. Congress


Puducherry Opinion Poll 2019, Exit Polls Results & Latest News Survey

Here is the list of Indian general elections, 2019 in Puducherry:

Party Candidate Votes % ±
AINRC R. Radhakrishnan 255,826 34.57 N/A
INC V. Narayanasamy 194,972 26.35 -23.06
AIADMK M. V. Omalingam 132,657 17.93 N/A
DMK A. M. H. Nazeem 60,580 8.19 N/A
PMK R. K. R. Anantharaman 22,754 3.07 -31.25
CPI R. Viswanathan 12,709 1.72 N/A
AAP V. Rangarajan 8,307 1.12 N/A
Independent Sanjivganthi S. 5,896 0.80 N/A
Independent P. Asaravel 3,472 0.47 N/A
Independent M. Ramadass 2,494 0.34 N/A
BSP S. Krishnamoorthy 2,060 0.28 -0.33
Independent S. Ezhilarasan 1,777 0.24 N/A
Independent G. Shanmugam 1,726 0.23 N/A
Independent Ramamurthi 1,442 0.19 N/A
Independent M. Chittibabu 1,340 0.18 -0.66
Independent S. Sudarsanan 1,270 0.17 N/A
Independent K. Ramadass 1,236 0.17 N/A
Independent J. Dhandapani 1,144 0.15 N/A
Independent K. Manjini 767 0.10 N/A
Independent Kaliayamurthy 747 0.10 -0.24
Independent V. Vijaya 746 0.10 N/A
Independent P. Bakkiaraj 610 0.08 N/A
Independent R. Valavan 497 0.07 N/A
Independent I. Senthil Kumar 477 0.06 N/A
Independent G. Sutha 467 0.06 N/A
Independent Puvala Nageswara Rao 465 0.06 N/A
CPI(ML) Liberation G. Palani 438 0.06 -0.08
Samata Party Marie Uthrianathan 366 0.05 N/A
JD(U) S. Chitrakala 309 0.04 N/A
Independent P. Dhanarasu 198 0.03 N/A
NOTA None of the above 22,268 3.06 N/A
Margin of victory 60,854 8.22 -6.87


Here is the list of Indian general elections, 2019 in Puducherry:

Well, the result of Puducherry Lok Sabha Election 2019 is yet to be announced on 23 May 2019, till then we will give you all the updates regarding the Puducherry Lok Sabha Election Results 2019.

Party Candidate Votes % ±
INC V. Vaithilingam
AINRC K. Narayanasamy
NTK Mrs.N.Sharmila Beham B.A.
MNM M.A.S. Subramaniam
Independent N/A
NOTA None of the above N/A
Margin of victory

2014 Election Result

1 Puducherry R Radhakrishnan (AINRC) Narayanasamy (INC)

Pondicherry General Election Result 2014

Candidate Party Abbreviation Votes
R. Radhakrishnan All India N.R. Congress AINRC 255826
V. Narayanasamy Indian National Congress INC 194972
M.V. Omalingam All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam AIADMK 132657
A.M.H. Nazeem Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam DMK 60580
R.K.R. Anantharaman Pattali Makkal Katchi PMK 22754
R. Viswanathan Communist Party of India CPI 12709
Dr. V. Rangarajan Aam Aadmi Party AAP 8307
Sanjivganthi .S Independent IND 5896
P. Asaravel Independent IND 3472
Professor M. Ramadass Independent IND 2494
S. Krishnamoorthy Bahujan Samaj Party BSP 2060
S. Ezhilarasan Independent IND 1777
G. Shanmugam Independent IND 1726
Ramamurthi Independent IND 1442
M. Chittibabu Independent IND 1340
S. Sudarsanan Independent IND 1270
K. Ramadass Independent IND 1236
J. Dhandapani Independent IND 1144
K. Manjini Independent IND 767
Kaliayamurthy Independent IND 747
V. Vijaya Independent IND 746
P. Bakkiaraj Independent IND 610
R. Valavan Independent IND 497
I. Senthil Kumar Independent IND 477
G. Sutha Independent IND 467
Puvala Nageswara Rao Independent IND 465
G. Palani Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) (Liberation) CPI(ML)(L) 438
Marie Uthrianathan Samata Party SAP 366
S. Chitrakala Janata Dal (United) JD(U) 309
P. Dhanarasu (@) Mathimaharaja Independent IND 198
None of the Above None of the Above NOTA 22268