Punjab CM Prakash Singh Badal Announced Largest Roof Top Solar Panel

Prakash Singh Badal announced the world’s largest rooftop solar panels in Amritsar. Yes, it’s true that Punjab Government announced the installation solar power rooftop panels at the Dera Baba Jaimal Singh.


It will be the world’s largest solar power. Prakash Singh Badal said that it would cover the total area of 82 acres over eight. He also added that they will spend 139 crores on this project.

This project is licensed by Tata Solar Power for R.S.S.B Educational and Educational Society in Amritsar. Everyone is talking about this new project. According to sources, the installation of this solar rooftop will be the largest installation of rooftop solar panels in a single phase.

But the opposition did not give any reaction to this project yet. It is said that Prakash Singh Badal is following Modi’s footstep. Prakash Singh Badal announced this news in an English daily today.

Well, let’s just know what is this Solar rooftop? Solar Panel is a panel which is designed to absorb the sun’s rays. It is a source of energy for generating electricity. We can also generate heat from the solar panel. Solar Panel produces power from the photovoltaic effect.

It is very cheaper along with batteries as compared to the fossil fuels. Some of the rooftop photovoltaic installations like – Largest Rooftop Solar PV Plant on a Single Roof by L&T Construction in Punjab, India with the nominal power of 7.52.

It was installed on rooftop made of the asbestos sheet of area 94,000 sq. m. Commissioned that was established in June 2014. This solar panel was boast of the 11.5 MW Power Plant on a single rooftop

Well, we are excited to see the world’s largest rooftop solar panels in Amritsar. But everyone is waiting to see the other leader;s reaction on this project. For more updates and information. Stay tuned with us.