Purva Tries To Kill Aradhya! Krishnadasi 14th June 2016 Episode Written Update

Purva Tries To Kill Aradhya! Krishnadasi 14th June 2016 Episode Written Update :-  The last night episode of the TV series Krishnadasi begins with Aradhya asks Aryan what you did, why did you do it? Why you compel me to walk in the coal but eventually you lift me when you see that I will have to walk there to prove that the soul or ghost has not possessed me. Aryan says to Aradhya that now I need to find the truth of my Ajji Kaveri.

krishnadasi purva

krishnadasi purva

Aryan says to Aradhya that perhaps you are not being aware of it but from the past few days you are torturing yourself and your behaviour is weird towards the house and the family. Your hatred and anger is part apart for the Rao family.

Krishnadasi Episode Written Update

Aradhya is shocked and stunned to hear so and Aryan also said that my Ajji Kaveri actually possessed you and I have to make you free from her clutch. All of sudden, Aryan’s behaviour got changed towards Aradhya and he started yelling at her.

Aryan feels that someone is telling to her that you need to throw this Devdaasi out from the Rao house as your Ajji Kaveri hates Devdaasi and this Devdaasi dare to marry you apart from she also raise her voice against you.
Aryan feels hypnotised and he is stated behaving weird with Aradhya and Purva is shocked but she feels sigh and happy to see that Aryan’s behaviour towards Aradhya is bad. Pavitra thinks this is right she fail to drive out Aradhya from the Aryan’s life but now Ajji mean Kaveri will be doing the same.

But Chima Ji says about this ghost drama that the soul need to have peace and when she will be having peace, she will be going from the Rao family. The Rao family is shocked and stunned now.

Precap: Saras and Micheal comes to the Abba’s house, Aradhya gets happy seeing them and says my Saras has come, she hugs Saras and acts like Bhamini, she asks Purva to serve food to them. The family have lunch together.
The Rao family thinks that anyhow if today Saras is here it is only for Aradhya and the family praise Aradhya but Purva fumes on anger with that.