Raavan attacked vanar sena! Siya Ke Ram 24th August 2016 Episode Written Updates

Raavan attacked vanar sena! Siya Ke Ram 24th August 2016 Episode Written Updates :- The show starts with Ravaan telling Vivbhisan that he is the reason behind the death of Megnadh, Khumbkaran, Dhundraj, Ahiravan, and Vajramushti’s death. Meanwhile, Hanuman thinks to bring Vivbhisan back before Ram completes his rituals.


Siya Ke Ram 24th August 2016 Episode

Vivbhisan told Ram that he never wished bad for Lanka nor for Ravana. He told Ravaan that he just wanted him to leave the adharm and want him to walk on the dharma path. Vivbhisan also asked him to return Sita to Ram and apologise to Ram and Ram will forgive him.

But, Ravaan gets angry and hold his sword to kill Vivbhisan, but Hanuman came there and took the Vivbhisan with him and return to his camp. Ravaan gets angry.

Hanuman reached his camp. Sugreev asked Vibhisan Is he fine? He replied yes, nothing can happen to any devotee of Ram until Hanuman is there. Sugreev told him that we have not informed Ram about you, otherwise, he would have left the pooja and started your search.

On the other side, Ram was doing the aradhna and was keeping the lotus in front of Devi’s Idol. Sita was also doing the aradhan with  “Akhand Jot.”  Sita asked Devi maa to bless Ram for his battle with Ravaan.

Shivaay and Parvati Maa were talking with each other. Parvati Maa was worried and told Shivaay that how could bless Vishnu dev. Shivaay told her to not get worried.

Meanwhile, Ram realises that  one lotus is short and if, he will go out for bringing the lotus, then it will disrupt the Aradhna. Then, he remembers that his mother told him that his two eyes look like the lotus.

So, he decided to take out his eyes. But, Devi Maa arrives there and stopped Ram from doing this. She blessed him and told him that he will come out victorious in his battle with Ravaan.

On the other side, Kaikesi was doing the pooja and a smoke come and she smiles and think, now Ravaan will definitely win in tomorrow’s war. Then, Mandodrari comes there and Kaikesi asked her why she is worried.

She says I am worried as Ravaan is going alone in the war. Kaikesi replied he is not going alone as Shastra Ravaan will go with him and will protect him.

Vishwaras told her that Asharavaan can not go in war as there is not life in it. Kaikesi asked him to began the ritual and complete it before Sunset.

Meanwhile, Ravaan is looking at the blank seats in his Rajya Sabha. Ram talks to Laxman and told him that with the light of sunrise the bad karam of Ravaan will come to an end. And with it, every single pain of Sita will get heal.


In the upcoming episode, Trijata will inform Sita that Ram is attacking Vanar cena by cheating as he is attacking in his chariots. Sita says Maa Durga will definitely help him. Ram climbs to a mountain and Ravaan shoots that mountain.