Raavan gets shocked! SKR Siya Ke Ram 20th July 2016 Episode Written updates

Raavan gets shocked! SKR Siya Ke Ram 20th July 2016 Episode Written updates :- Hanuman asks Ram that what to do with rest of Akampana’s army. Lakshman says its better to sentence them death. They also urge him to give them a death sentence as this battle was for their own self-esteem. Ram says everybody has right to freedom as per that they are free to live and commands to free them. Ram held them free showing mercy and says they have equal right to respect. Ravan got to know that Akampana got defeated in the battle and rest of them left Lanka. Ravan becomes furious.

Siya Ke Ram Episode Written updates

Siya Ke Ram Episode Written updates

SKR Siya Ke Ram Episode Written updates

Vibhishan says Ravan has invited all daring asurs for the war. An asur named Devantak fights with his horns. Vajaradasht has a body unaffected of any of the weapons and arms and even weapons got destroyed while getting in contact with his body. Suparsh is half man half snake. They all take an oath for the victory of Ravan.

Sita prays for Ram. Ravan laughs at her and says she is a fool to trust Ram and his army. She says this is his misconception. His arrogance doesn’t let him differentiate between truth and lie. He says he will prove this soon and make her remember the last few days of his challenge. Angad asks his army to be careful.

Suparsh attacks them using his powers and makes them fall in death sleep. Ram listens to the screams and saw all the force lying on the ground. Ram tries to wake up Angad and Sugriva.

Vibhishan wonders why they are unaffected of his venom. Surely some power is guarding them. Ram senses this is Sita praying for them. Ravan appreciates Suparsh for doing a brilliant job. Ravan says his strategy is to destroy his army and fight with Ram and Lakshman at the end. Kaikesi assures his win over Ram. Sita continues to pray.


Ravan laughs at Ram. Ram outdares him to come out and fight with him as he always Deceit in the war.