The Race between Education and Technology

No one had foreseen the great impact technology would have on learning. Many had only seen the impact of technology advancements in our lives and especially on working experience. Ability to do work more comfortably and effectively was much that most people anticipated. Who could have thought that schools would teach through modern-day technology? Who would have imagined that students would perform essay writing and submit the results online? We can all agree that it is a dream we are all now living in.

Figure 1 Photo by Dan Dimmock on Unsplash

Education has become an essential part of the working world. It is through education that we have achieved the most exciting discoveries. It has become a significant part of society and measures have been put in place to ensure many get access to quality education. The current technology discoveries have boosted the delivery of instruction. It is now possible for a student to improve their essay writing skills through reading online journals on how to go about it. Tutors have a simple task now since technological means can be used to monitor the hard jobs.

Thanks to the internet, we can now take you through the process of the essay writing without fear that the information may not be accessible to you. When writing your essay, tutors are concerned first with your ability to format the article accordingly. A correct format will trigger the tutor to go through the work to confirm you have written the right content. That means you have already captured your tutor’s attention; now you need to keep him/her busy.

Tips on Improving Your Essay Writing Skills

During essay writing, follow the steps below:

  • Choosing a topic
  • Brainstorm the topic
  • Research
  • Writing your thesis statement
  • Outline the essay
  • Writing your essay
  • Proofreading and editing

Choosing a topic

Ensure you pick an exciting item to write on. This could be an existing topic or a new idea you want to write on.

Brainstorm your topic

Take time to think about your topic. Will you get enough words to meet the required essay length? Is the idea in the text too shallow to fit in an essay? How well do you understand the topic?


Analyze your idea. This can be through reading literature relevant to the topic or even performing a practical. There are different ways to do research which may include, conducting interviews to get people’s opinions, filling in questionnaires, or collecting samples to analyze in the lab.

Writing your thesis

A thesis statement should provide clarity on what the essay is about.

Outline your essay

Write a draft of your article to help you with the right choice of words. A draft article helps you know how and where to put the most critical points.

Writing your essay

Writing requires devotion and ensure nothing disturbs you while writing. Remember to cite your work and paraphrase accordingly to avoid plagiarism. You can use citation generators to ensure your work is cited right.

Proofreading and editing

You are in the final step now, and anxiety and fatigue are pushing you to submit the paper and have some time off. In case the task is too complicated, you can hire an editor and have your work proofread by a professional. This can help you turn in a well-written paper free of grammar mistakes even if you are not a native speaker.

Is It Possible To Teach Without Technology?

Well, given the complexity of the subjects at the moment and the discoveries of new disciplines, it is impossible to teach without modern-day technology. Take, for instance, courses such as computer science. Technology has not only simplified its service delivery but has also enabled students to have a real-life experience while learning. Student can take part in coding and make websites thereby expanding their knowledge on the subject. It is therefore hard to acquire such training without a computer.

Books might not get extinct, but the use of tablets for the young ones in school will have a massive impact on the prints. Governments in the quest to deliver quality education have foreseen the use of this modern-day technology in schools. Students now get to enjoy training and do not have to carry workloads of books to and from school.

Everyone can testify on a positive impact technology has on their lives. From efficient and secure online payment methods to fast shipping of goods, these all would still be dreams were it not for technology. We are yet to see the best of technology, and we can only hope for improvement and advancements in the coming years.