Ragini Compel Swara To Divorce Lakshay! Swaragini 21st December 2015 Episode

Ragini Compel Swara To Divorce Lakshay! Swaragini 21st December 2015 Episode : The TV serial “Swaragini” is going throw lots of melodrama these days in which Ragini is turn out to be the worst member of Maheshwari house and she is after everybody to seek her revenge anyway. She is in no mood to spare anyone. The girl, who failed to get the love of her life, is now decides to take revenge from each and every and everyone who torture her including her husband Lakshay and her in-laws the Maheshawri family. But Ragini is facing hindrance in path of completing her own mission via her own sister Swara.

Ragini Compel Swara To Divorce Lakshay! Swaragini 21st December 2015 Episode

Swaragini 21st December 2015 Episode

Anyway, in last night episode it shows that an unknown person attacks on Sanskar and Sanskar went the spot to meet with Swara. Swara calls Sanskar there to show him some photographs which will reveal some secret of Durga Prasad Maheshwari. Sanskar indeed saved by the Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh who went there to promote his film “Baji Rao Mastani” with his co-star Deepika.

Eventually, the star cast of “Baji Rao Mastani” has a chit-chat with Swara and Sanskar. Ranveer and Deepika explain and elaborate meaning of love to Swara and Sanskar but suddenly, an unknown woman in Burkha snatch the photographs’ from the hand’s of Swara and she run away.

Deepika follow her and try to catch her, but she failed. Ragini already guessed that she must be Ragini. When Swara discuss about it with Sanskar, Sanskar didn’t replied anything and when Swara asked about it Sanskar said he is not interested to speak with Swara. Swara feel humiliated.

Now when Swara arrived in the house she finds that Ragini let everybody knew that it is Swara who is staying forcefully in Sanskar’s life and it is Sanskar who already signed the divorce paper. Swara need to sign it now as Ragini explain to the relatives of Maheshwari that the staying of Swara despite after divorce will be affecting the name and reports of Maheshwari house.

So, now it is relatives started asking Swara to divorce Sanskar earliest. On the other hand, Ragini is happy to see that Sanskar doesn’t want to forgive Swara anyhow but Swara decides to save her marital relationship as she also falls in love with Swara.

Now Swara what will do to save her marital relationship with Sanskar.