Ragini gets Tensed! Swaragini 22nd July 2016 Episode Written Updates

Ragini gets Tensed! Swaragini 22nd July 2016 Episode Written Updates :- Swaragini is the show about the story of the struggles of two sisters Swara and Ragini and how they together fought against all the odds in their life.


Swaragini Episode Written Updates

The show starts with Swara questioning Dadi that Does she really wanted to kill the upcoming baby of her mother Sumi?

Dadi told her to keep quiet as she does not understand anything about this matter? Then, Anapurna interacted and told Dadi that she has done a real shame thing as she was trying to kill the upcoming child of Sumi.

Then, Durga Prasad also confronts Dadi and told her to get out of his house as she has done a shameful thing and there is no place for her in his house.

Then, Shekhar and Shomi holds their hand and meet their daughters and also leaves the house.

After Parineeta started telling everyone that Did you see that how much care I do about this family?

But Anapurna replied her that she does not care about anyone and she has insulted the whole family in front of everyone. She also told Parineeta that” If she would have really cared about this family then she would have done all this drama with a close door, her only family members were invited.

She asked Parineeta to get out of the house and even, Adarsh supported Anapurna and told Parineeta to leave the house.

Then, Swara holds her hand but Parineeta escaped from her clothes and told shouted that listen to something.

She then cursed the whole family that they will never see their next generation. Their generations will never be increased.

Then, she left the house. On the other side, Dadi was in a shock as she was insulted by the Durga Prasad and they fell down.

Soumi and Shekhar tried to hold her but she denied their help and went into her house.

Then, Ragini started apologizing to everyone and she told Anapurna that she has done all these to save the child of her mother.

Anapurna denied and told her that she does not want to see her that she has done terribly wrong. Meanwhile, Durga Prasad tried to calm her down but she told Durga Prasad that this is a matter between her and her daughter in law and then took the Durga Prasad with her.

Sujata and Ram also followed her and Sujata told Swara that doesn’t try to be like your sister and we can forgive Lakshay as he has done this thing for the first time but Ragini has made a rabbit of doing all this kind of bad things.

Then, Ragini holds Swara hands and asked her that Do you really think that I have done the wrong thing? Swara replied her that yes, you have done again a wrong thing and when you will understand that there are other ways of doing some good thing.

Meanwhile, Dadi is really hurt from the insult in the Maheshwari house and she will plan to take revenge on Sumi.


Ragini and Swara will be seen talking to their maa and both will be seen telling Sumi to not hold the heavyweight and suddenly they will hear the scream of Sumi and both will shout Maa.