Ragini Is Pregnant! Swaragini 19th July 2016 Today Episode Written Updates

Ragini Is Pregnant! Swaragini 19th July 2016 Today Episode Written Updates :- The latest crux of the popular TV series Swaragini is to showcase Sharmishtha to suffer from miscarriage and she will be shattered with that. Actually, on the Ragini’s Godh Bharai ceremony (Baby Shower) Swara and Ragini will be having an argument as Swara is fuming on anger to know that Ragini did fake pregnancy drama.

Swaragini Episode Written Updates

Swaragini Episode Written Updates

Swaragini Today Episode Written Updates

On this process meanwhile, Sumi will lose her baby which will be keeping both Sumi and Shekhar shattered. On the upcoming episode of the Swaragini, it will be the showcase that on the occasion of the Godh Bharai ceremony of Ragini Pareenita will arrive and she will be asked to Maheshwari’s that why Godh Bharai ceremony is going on the fifth month of pregnancy.

Annapurna says that is okay as Ragini is Laadli (Beloved) of the family and now both Swara and Sankar has been seen dancing on the occasion to make Ragini happy but Pareenita will be seen making a situation in which Ragini’s fake pregnancy truth will be coming out.

Swara will be shattered along with the Maheshwari family and she will ask to Ragini that why did she do so. The Maheshwari family is now fuming on anger and she was about to slap Ragini but in the meantime, Ragini’s mother Sumi will intervene and she will be narrating the reality to the family.

Sumi will be saying she did so to save my unborn baby who is right now in my womb but the family will be demand Sumi’s abortion as they think that society will be making fun of the family if Sumi dare to became the mother at this age.

On this process somehow Sumi will be falling down from stairs and she will be the rush to the hospital to find that she ultimately loses her baby and Ragini and Swara will be seen consoling her mother for it.

Swara and Lakshay they will be also seen depress and Uttara will be seen consoling them. Stay tuned for the more updates of the TV series Swaragini.