Ragini Tells Shekhar! Swaragini 30th May 2016 Today Episode Written Updates

The Show “Swaragini” is going through of bit of emotional drama. As Sanskar and Swara, both the love bird were separated by the cruelty of the destiny.


 Swaragini Today Episode Written Updates

The last episode shows that Sumi was praying that she just want to hear the voice of her beloved child Swara , then suddenly Swara arrived there and call Sumi as “Maa”.

All the family members including Ragini, Dadi, Shekhar along with Sumi were extremely happy as Swara was alive and standing in front of them.

They all hugged the Swara and thanked the god that Swara is still alive . But Swara told Sumi that they should thank Sahil and his mom who take care of her and also saved her from the river in which she was felt.

Then Shekhar hugs Swara and told her that now her mother can live . Ragini ran towards Swara and hugs her and said that ; “I knew that you will come back”. Swara looked surprisingly at the “Mangalsutra” of Sumi and Ragini. Then Dadi also hugs Swara .

Sumi asked Sahil that she do not know how she will thank him for saving the life of Swara , Sahil told by giving him a cup of tea. Swara told everyone that do not take Sahil’s word too much seriously.

Swara ran towards the house of Dida to meet Dida but Ragini told her that Dida is with Maashimaa. Then Swara introduced Sahil and told everyone that Sahil is multi-talented and he is also a businessman.

Meanwhile Ragini Informed Laksh about Swara. Laksh became very happy and Went to meet Sanskar who was into the dreams of Swara and was very sad.

When Sanskar came to know that Swara is still alive ,he goes into the situation when Swara told Sanskar that they are born to be together and no one can separate the couple. Ragini also calls home and inform Sujata about Swara.

Parineeta get upset with the news and starting thinking that Swara will tell the truth of hers to the entire family.

Sujata informs Annapurna ,then to rest of the family. Everyone became very happy and decided to meet Swara. Sanskar started making arrangements for welcoming his better half , he arranged flowers and even forget to wear  clothes properly.

While Swara was surprised, Seeing Sumi in Dadi’s kitchen and asked Sumi that how Dadi has given you permission to enter into her kitchen. Swara was also conveying the stories of the fight between Dida and Dadi to Sahil.

In the upcoming episode ,Sanskar will throw the flowers on Swara but Swara gets angry and accused Sanskar that he is the one who had shoot him and because of that she fell into the river.

The upcoming episodes will be filled with a lot of action and drama.