Rahul Gandhi Statement On Modi ‘Suit Boot’ Govt Failing, India Is Not Moving

Rahul Gandhi Statement On Modi ‘Suit Boot’ Govt Failing, India Is Not Moving : Today Rahul Gandhi (Congress Vice President) criticised PM Narendra Modi’s style of governance. He says India could be transformed only if the poor are included in the process. Rahul Gandhi targeted the BJP led government for cutting expenditure on education and healthcare and for not delivering on its promise of creating jobs, and said – in a jibe at Modi – that “one man” alone could not bring about a transformation.

Rahul Gandhi Statement On Modi ‘Suit Boot’ Govt Failing, India Is Not Moving

Rahul Gandhi Comments On PM Modi Government

Highlights of what Rahul said at Mount Carmel College in Bengaluru:

# I realised that essentially this institute not only gives you knowledge but it also preaches tolerance.

# What I have learned in politics is that you have to learn from people around you, you have to appreciate their thoughts.

# When I first came to politics, I was convinced that solutions to India’s problems are simple.

# I’ve come to a conclusion that if you want to achieve anything in life, you have to listen and appreciate people around you.

# The single biggest problem in this country is that women don’t get the place they deserve, they are mistreated.

# Probably because I have my mother, sister and grandmother to learn a lot from, I feel close to women.

# For me, all of you, every single one of you is beautiful and needs to be respected. That is what I fight for.

# The thing about us is that even if we don’t agree with someone’s ideas, we give them space to talk.

# We have FTII students being shut up and not being given a voice, no matter how long their strike goes on for.

# My vision for India is what people of India want; discuss with people what they want.

# Who is one person to come and say “Listen, I have a vision for you”?

# Conversation is important, out of conversation comes out a refined perspective.

# How can one person have all the answers? I want you all to be part of the decision making process in the country.

# In the central government today I can say with certainty that there is only one person taking all the decisions.

# “Suit boot” is failing, completely. There are no jobs being created, the country is not moving.

# We are not stalling Parliament just for the sake of stalling Parliament. We want a GST that is beneficial for country.

# Democracy is about conversation,it should be allowed.The mics of our MPs are switched off in the House.

# We were in power for 10 years,there was a certain amount of fatigue. Maybe we did some things wrong, lost the election.

# ‘Swachh Bharat’ is a national govt program. I don’t see it working.

# The only way to transform this country is not through one man, but with every Indian’s help, with the participation of the poor.

# The Govt is slashing education and health care expenditures while not fulfilling their promise of creating jobs.

# The idea that only certain people have the answers is what I’m against. Conversation is important. Having a debate on an issue is necessary.

# It disturbs me when a young lady goes to a pub &is thrashed. This is not acceptable. That is something I will contest &I will fight against.

# We want to give space to every single person in this country, even if we don’t agree with the person. That is the difference between RSS-BJP and us.

# If you have to achieve anything in life, you have to listen to people around you. No matter what field you come from.

# I’m not here only to tell you what I think but to listen to what you have to say.

# To me the single biggest problem is that women in this country do not have the place they deserve.

Source : Hindustan Times

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