Rains in National Capital: Not much affective in lowering down the poor air quality

Rains in National Capital: Not much affective in lowering down the poor air quality: The Thursday morning in National Capital, Delhi was a bit cloudy for the reason that light to moderate rains impacted in the parts of National Capital Region (NCR). In the meantime, the weather report from the weather officials has predicted more rain all through the day.

The National Capital really need high winds and rain showers as it will help in dropping down the air pollution level in the Delhi’s environment. Delhi is severely suffering from hazardous air quality from previous year and instead of improving it is lowering down to more adverse level.

On the other hand, the rain had no influence on the mercury with the least temperature documented six notches above the season’s average at 15 degrees Celsius. With the humidity documented at 89 per cent, the air quality was still ‘very poor’ in the city.

As per the System of Air Quality and Weather Forecasting and Research (SAFAR), the complete air quality index (AQI) of the national capital region was noted at 265.

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) said in the morning, “The sky will remain generally cloudy throughout the day with light to moderate rain or thunderstorm and hail likely in the later parts of the day as well”.

Due to poor air quality, the National Capital Delhi is facing various environmental to health-related problems. People are facing various issues in breathing problems and many more, as well as the environment of Delhi, is also deterating day by day, causing various concerns to the local inhabitants.

As winter season is going on, so various problems are arising due to fog and low visibility and all is happing because of low air quality in National Capital. Also in past 24 hours, due to dense smog and low visibility around 16 Delhi-bound trains were delayed. The trains were delayed by two to six hours causing difficulties for public who were travelling or about to travel. Delhi has also observed about 1 mm of rain in past 24 hours.

Talking about Wednesday temperature, the least temperature was noted at 25.1 degrees Celsius, two notches above the season’s average however the least was 12 degrees Celsius, three notches overhead the season’s average.

Authorities of National Capital has tried many measures in order to lower down the air pollution but when it seems like that the air quality is about to improve then the very next day the AQI of Delhi reach towards the severely poor condition. It seems to be like these measures are not much affecting in improving the air quality and the rain and high wind might help in lowering down the AQI of the National Capital.