Raja apologizes to Rani! Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 6th September 2016 Episode Written Updates

Raja apologizes to Rani! Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 6th September 2016 Episode Written Updates : In the latest crux of the TV series Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani is to showcase that Raja (Sartaj Gill) gets to know from Kokila that his father Kaal and Badi Rani are actually murderer of Rani’s (Eisha Singh) parents Rana Indravadhan, Gayatri, and Lakhan. Raja is shattered to know this brutal truth and now he is unable to face Rani anyway.

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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 6th September 2016 Written Updates

They even tried to kill Rajmata and Rani, but Rajmata manages to run away with Rani! Raja is now guilty of marrying Rani. He is keen to reveal the truth to Rani.

He is furious as he feels Rani’s childhood was ruin because of his father Kaal and his grandmother Badi Rani. When Kaal and Badi Rani Maa try to convince him, he just screams at them he also shows his anger towards them. Badi Rani Maa somehow also reveals him why they killed Rana and Gayatri.

On why they agreed for Raja and Rani’s marriage even after knowing the truth, Kaal and Badi Maa feel the love Raja is having for Rani. Kaal asked Raja that he is ready for his wedding with Rani as he doesn’t want to lose his son Raja.

But still Raja is unable to trust Kaal and Badi and he asked them to prove that they are not having any conspiracy against him and Rani. Badi Maa asked to Raaj that if he will be choosing Rani then he will be losing Badi Maa.

Badi Maa also asked Raja that if he chose, to tell the truth to Rani then he would lose Rani as she won’t marry the person, whose father killed her parents! Kaal even gives him two tickets for the USA and a letter from a mental health institution which states that the Kaal actually made an arrangement for Rajmata’s treatment.

And Rajmata actually needs proper treatment for her health. The marriage between Raja and Rani decided but somehow some people speak badly about Raja and Rani. Rani is waiting for Raja in her bridal attire but still Raja did not come.

Rani is waiting for Raja as she feels Raja won’t break his promise of marrying her. Jeevan goes to search Raja. When he doesn’t turn up even after a long time, Rani’s mother decides to go, but Bindu her from going.

Rani decides to go in search of Raja herself as she feels that Raja can deceive her. If she promised to marry her then he will be surely come. Rani thinks.