Rajasthan: Man Strangles Specially-abled Woman For Refusing Marriage Proposal

Specially abled woman strangled, body hanged from tree for refusing marriage offer. Tragically, a woman with disabilities was reportedly murdered and her body was found hanging from a tree in Rajasthan after she declined a marriage proposal. Law enforcement authorities have apprehended the primary suspect in connection with the incident. In the Pratapgarh district of Rajasthan, a woman with disabilities was reportedly killed and her body was discovered hanging from a tree after she rejected a marriage proposal, according to the police statement on Monday.

Man Strangles Specially-abled Woman

The girl’s lifeless body was found suspended from a tree in a wooded area near Khuntgarh village in Devgarh. Amit Kumar, the Superintendent of Police, confirmed the arrest of the alleged perpetrator, Kuldeep Gehlot. The sequence of events began when the deceased’s maternal uncle reported her absence to the Dhamotar police station on Friday, mentioning that his differently-abled niece had left home without informing anyone. Subsequently, the discovery of a girl’s body hanging from a tree occurred the following day, identified by Bhanwarlal as his niece.

Man Strangles Specially-abled Woman

The police took action by assembling a special team, aided by technical support from the cyber cell, which led to the arrest of Kuldeep Gehlot following initial interrogations. He stated that the suspect had brought the woman to a wooded area and exerted pressure on her to agree to marriage. However, when she declined, a dispute ensued, and Gehlot purportedly strangled her to death. Subsequently, he used her scarf to hang her lifeless body from a tree.

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