Rajasthan State Government would honor the ones who adopts Stray Cows on I-Day & R-Day

Rajasthan State Government would honor the ones who adopts Stray Cows on I-Day & R-Day: The Executive board of Gopalan in Rajasthan has declared that on the Republic Day as well as on the Independence Day, the state government would honour those people who have adopted the homeless cows. This Executive board of Gopalan in Rajasthan is basically an organisation which is responsible for the welfare of the cows.

In the speech of the directorate to all district collectors, said, “Those charitable and sensitive citizens, who have adopted stray cows, will be felicitated by the district collector on the Independence/Republic Day.”

The latest instruction urges district collectors to encourage donors, NGOs, community workers and cow devotees to adopt stray cows, as well as to felicitate such people and to give them honour on 15th August and 26th January which is the Independence Day and Republic Day respectively.

The order was issued in the ruling of Congress government. Congress has won the Rajasthan state election recently in the previous year and after their government came into power this order was passed on 28th December 2018.

Also during the elections rallies in the state, Congress had assured to raise donations for cow shelters as well as improved and enhanced facilities for stray cows in its statement.

The latest instruction by the government impulses district collectors to encourage people, as well as social workers and executive officials to adopt stray cows.

After the order was issued the Director of Gopalan, Rajasthan, Vishram Meena said in response of this order, “The idea behind the step is to conserve cows with cooperation from people. Those who adopt stray cows and undertake welfare activities will be felicitated by district collectors on the occasion of Independence day and Republic day”

There was an application which was attached to the order and the application is regarding to adopt the cows. It has to be submitted to the officials, comprising the district collector, and the joint director of the animal husbandry branch. The adopted cows will be marked by executives from the animal husbandry branch.

Vishram Meena also said that firstly the verification will be held and after confirmation of the entitlements, the collectors will felicitate those individuals with a certificate at the district level.

Joint Director of the Department of Gopalan, Anil Kaushik, said in concern of this order that this step is to make sure the income of the cow shelters and better maintenance of the animals.

Other officials also said that the order also declares that whoever desires to adopt cows can deposit the sum which is decided by the resident cow shelter and can also visit the cows anytime. Also, if anyone wants to keep the homeless cows at their houses, they can also do so.

In India, Rajasthan is the first state to have a cow ministry which was established under the BJP government and under their government Otaram Devasi, who was the first cow minister of the country. But now after the arrival of the new government in the state that is Congress, so the post has handed over to Congress’s Pramod Bhaya.