Rajat Kidnaps Swara! Swaragini 11th May 2016 Today Episode Written Update

Rajat Kidnaps Swara! Swaragini 11th May 2016 Today Episode Written Update : In the TV series Swaragini the audiences are all set to witness a high voltage melodrama and the melodrama is all set to telecast in the upcoming episode of the TV series. As we reported earlier, Swara (Helly Shah) will get kidnapped and she is now almost killed by Rajat!


Swaragini 11th May 2016 Written Updates

Now neither Ragini nor Lakshay, nobody will be able to save Swara. In the previous episode, we saw how the Maheshwari family gets ready for Uttara and Rajat’s marriage. Swara is shocked to see that the waiters in the house who are actually Rajat’s men and they are giving threatening to Swara.

Rajat would have asked his men to keep an eye on Swara, so that she doesn’t reveal anything to the Maheshawri family. Rajat also warn to Swara if she reveals anything than it is Rajat is going to kill Pareenita. Swara, Sanskar, Ragini and Lakshya stay bound; and as Rajat’s men are keeping an eye on them.

Rajat’s men are showing gun to Swara. Swara is looking forward to reveal the secret but all goes in vain. On the other hand, Uttara is unaware of Rajat’s reality. She thinks him to be a good person and she is excited about the marriage. It will be interesting to see whether Uttara will be getting cjance to read the Swara’s message or not.

Now Ragini asks Rajat’s men to park the car properly, but they act suspicious about the car. Ragini doubts Rajat is hiding something in the car. Swara thinks that may be in the car there is Parineeta that is why men are guarding the car. Ragini thinks the same and give nod to Swara.

Now Swara asks Ragini to check the car, and the latter asks Rajat to give the key to keep the pooja items in the car. Rajat initially refuses, but he has to give the keys as Annapurna insists him. In the tonight episode of the Swaragini, it is seems that Rajat will shoot Uttara and kidnap Swara.