Rajinikanth paid tribute to Jayalalithaa by calling her ‘kohinoor diamond’

Rajinikanth paid tribute to Jayalalithaa by calling her ‘kohinoor diamond’ :- The Indian and South Superstar Rajinikanth is celebrating his 65th birthday, and on the even, he remembered Jayalalithaa who passed away a few days back due to cardiac arrest. The 65-year-old legendary actor paid tribute to the deceased Chief Minister and claimed that she was like a “Kohinoor Hira.”The actor reached at the condolence meeting, which was organized by the South Indian Artistes’ Association or the Nadigar Sangam for Jayalalithaa, where he felt guilty of hurting Jayalalithaa in 1996 election.

Rajinikanth said that ” I had hurt her. I was a key reason for her (party’s) defeat,” he said, referring to his criticism of the then AIADMK government.” This incident took place in 1996 when Rajinikanth slammed Jayalalithaa by telling her that ” “even God can’t save Tamil Nadu” if Jayalalithaa’s AIADMK was elected to power again.”

However, the actor believed that Jayalalithaa later proved to be the golden hearted actress with his golden worked for the Tamil Nadu.
Rajinikanth also believes that Jayalalithaa has reached way ahead of her political mentor MG Ramachandran as she has been the real godmother for the poor members of the society.

Rajinikanth reveals that Jayalalithaa lost her father at the early age, but she came strong and became Bollywood actress and then joined politics and become so successful.

Meanwhile, we all like to wish Rajinikanth a very happy birthday and will hope that he will celebrate more birthdays in the coming years.