Rakhi Sawant opens up about her Breast Implant is breaking the Internet

Rakhi Sawant opens up about her Breast Implant is breaking the Internet :- Rakhi Sawant never stops to entertaining us her craziness always keep us amused. Well, we also clap out loud often for her bizarre acts. But we have to agree that the lady has guts and she is brave and bold to accept the truth. Her latest statement about breast implants is the proof which went viral after her statement.


Trapped in controversies or the legendary to create the controversy, the lady managed to hit the headlines, as usual, once again. In a recent interaction with a leading daily, she revealed to have gone through a surgery. This is not the first time she has gone under the knife and accepted it openly, but this is definitely the first time as she has spoken about the implant so openly and with bold expressions. When she was quoted about the fact by a reporter, Rakhi simply said

“I got my breasts done. Big deal. If you start collecting the plastic that has gone into our Bollywood bodies, I can fill three trucks outside this very building. At least I’m honest enough to admit to it”

The lady deserves the claps.

Last time Rakhi went viral for her leather dress that had PM Modi’s picture all over even at some questionable places which in turn made her a walking-laughing riot. She carried off the dress to a Republic Day party in the USA. She was asked by a leading Daily about this to which she said

“I love PM Modi. And every citizen has a right on their Pm and our PM has right on every citizen. As I love my Modi Ji and this love for him inspired me to get a dress having Modi Ji on it. So that she can go to the America and celebrated Independence day. She also added that she is representing India and Modi Ji this way”.

On the work front, The actress is occupied with her upcoming release Ek Kahani Julie Ki whose trailer is also going viral on the internet since the release.