Rama And Sita Haldi Ceremony! Siya Ke Ram 5th February 2016 Written Updates

Rama And Sita Haldi Ceremony! Siya Ke Ram 5th February 2016 Written Updates :- So finally after Syamver of Sita and all that Ram and Sita’s wedding Mahurat has been fixed and it is scheduled to take place after 5 days. Sita is in cloud nine to have Ram as her life partner and her sisters are also happy with her. Now Sita has been having some quality time with her sisters’.

Siya Ke Ram

Siya Ke Ram 5th February 2016 Written Updates

Janaka and Urmila are busy preparing marriage stuffs for Sita. But they are worrying that who will be coming from Ayodhya because as per Ayodhya’s rules no women are allowed to arrive in the marriage ceremony.

Bharat is very happy for Ram’s marriage and he is excited to seek Dasharath’s permission and blessings to share the auspicious news to the mothers in Ayodhya. Dasharath grants him the same as well showered Bharath with good luck wishesh and blessings.

The next scene shows that Shrutkirti and Mandvi discussing about the humble nature of Ayodhya people and Ram’s bravery and knowledge. While, they were busy in the conversation Mandavi suddenly bump in to Bharath unknowingly and all the color from the Thali fall on to her. Shrutkirti can’t control her laughs after seeing that which makes Mandavi angry and she leaves.

Mandavi discussed about it to sister Sita and says that her Devar didn’t even apologize from Mandavi.

Laxman teases Bharath about the incident he encountered with Mandavi. Ram hears all and joins the conversations. Meanwhile, Sita seeks apologised from Mandavi from Bharath side which makes Mandavi to decide that Sita is taking Bharath side.

Ram seek apologised from Mandavi side to Bharath which makes Bharath thinks that he is taking Mandavi’s side. About these all thinking Ram and Sita says that now Mithila and Ayodhya are the same. These two kingdoms are not different.

Goddess Parvati from abode is excited for Ram and Sita’s nuptial ceremony. Now it is time for Sita’s Haldi so her sister reached to the ashram informing Ram that as per Mithila’s tradition, the Haldi for bride comes from groom’s side. Rishimuni says they are already aware from this and hand over a bowl of Haldi to Urmila.

Everybody showering Sita with Haldi in Mithila and there were so many guests present. Sita asked to her mom why so much Haldi and guests arrived. About it Sunaina replies that every person in Mithila would be a part of this Haldi ceremony and bless Sita for her marriage and Bidaai.

Urmila brings the Haldi and Sita kept it next to her. The ceremony start with first Sunaina applies Haldi on Sita. Eventually the entire ladies of Mithila enjoy this moment and apply Haldi on Sita. Sita is very happy with this.