Raman gets angry and slaps Adi! Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th April 2016 Episode Written Update

Raman asks the doctor how is that lady now he replies that she is going to be treated . Raman tells him that I don’t know her but she was shooted by that hijacker so she needs to be treated first.

Raman gets angry and slaps Adi! Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th April 2016 Episode Written Update

Bala tries to get some information about Raman but he didn’t get any. Madhu is tensed about Raman as well as Toshi too. She calls some women from society and asks them to make Toshi feel better.

Raman asks the nurse about Ishita’s identity but she doesn’t know about her.

Mihika is at the hospital. She got a call from Romi but lied to him that she is busy in shopping for their marriage. She feels sorry for her lie. She goes to the reception to ask about Raman where she got to know he is near operation theatre. She walks ahead.

A nurse asks Raman to get treatment but he says he needs a charger first as he wants to talk to his family first. They left.

Meanwhile, Mihika reaches there and she didn’t find Raman. In the way ahead she sees Ishita. She gets surprised seeing Ishita and bust into tears. The nurse asks about the patient’s identity and the relation of her with Mihika. She told her a fake name Indrani and she is her sister.

Raman goes to meet Ishita but he got a call from Toshi. She is very worried about him and feels relief after listening to Raman’s voice.

Shravan is waiting for Aaliya’s message. Vandu came and scolds him. Mani and Aaliya reaches to the hospital and asks about Ishita but don’t get any info about her.

Ishita wakes up Mihika comes and tries to help Ishita, both of them shares some emotional moments. Mihika asks her about past seven years. Ishita tries to avoid her. Then she told her about Pihu and shows her photo who resembles Ruhi.


Raman asks Aadi why he came there?

Aadi says he was worried for him. Raman says he don’t need anybody’s love. Aadi says if Ishita was here she will not let Raman speak this to him.
Raman asks why he took her name and slaps him.