Raman To Leave Ishita Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th December 2015 Episode

Raman To Leave Ishita Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th December 2015 Episode : The TV serial “Yeh Hain Mohabbatein” is going strong these days in which everything is going in favor of Ashok. Ishita is facing rejection from her family and Bhalla members. Raman is still upset with Ishita and her gang. The last night episode started with Raman scolding Ishita and he doesn’t allow her to talk. Raman also asked to Ishita that if you lie one more time, we might end our relation and he says I am ashamed because of you and your gang. Raman is angry with Ishita as she lies to Ruhi and Adi that their mother Shagun is dead and you make everybody fooled by behaving like Shagun.

Raman To Leave Ishita Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th December 2015 Episode

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th December 2015 Episode

Ishita and everyone cry and Ishita speaks with Raman that she did this to save Raman’s life. But Raman is not ready to believe so. About this Raman said that what you get by doing these. For your behavior Amma get scared. She gives birth to goddess.

My children get scared Ishita because of you. Raman scolds Abhishek for helping out Ishita despite being and ACP. He says this is why people are scared of the police. Abhishek says that he wanted to arrest Ashok but he has no proof to do so. Abhishek says that I’m here collecting proof to arrest Ashok.

Ishita said that in the house there is an informer. Raman says Prateek, Abhishek and Shagun are more important to you than me and you promised that you wouldn’t hide anything from me. Your 3 months behavior has sent me in the hell. Once I thought that I lose my wife.

Sarika smiles and Shagun consoles Ishita. Everyone go away to their rooms and Ishita is crying in her home alone and Adi comes and hugs her saying I love you and I know you haven’t hurt anyone. Ruhi comes from her Simmi Bua’s room and scolds Raman and Ruhi hugs her Ishi Maa.

Ashok is waiting for Sarika’s call and Sarika calls him and said to Ashok that your plan works and Ishita has been exposed. Sarika said to Ashok that Raman is scolding Ishita and everyone isn’t looking at Ishita anymore. Ashok had seen happy with it.

But Sarika is feeling bad for herself as because of Ashok Sarika is stuck to a situation where she don’t want to be. Gradually it is shown that Sarika goes to downstairs. She calls Ashok and says work is over.

Romi snatch phone from Sarika and asked her that what her problem is. Why she is always in phone. Sarika avoids giving answer to Romi that makes Sarika worry as her phone has been snatch by Romi and she is worrying that if Ashok call.