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Ranveer Singh Rise his fees Now Charging as much as Bollywood King Khan SRK

Ranveer Singh Rise his fees Now Charging as much as Bollywood King Khan SRK : well, people who thinks that SRK is one of the most paid actor in Bollywood going to be wrong by this because recently sources said that Ranbeer singh increased his fees more than SRK and that is so shocking step by the Ranbeer sources saying that after the huge success of Bjirao Mastani he rise his fees and now when he just charged double for amount he took now.


Also I think Ranbeer singh is going to increase his stage live performance fees too because right now from the phase he was going anybody can guess that he is one of the best actors right now and this is the best stage of his carrier right now he can ask whatever he wanted too from the other makers.

Also sources saying that Ranbeer going to increase his Fees after the Befikre release that means he going to be one of the most earning superstar also he took 2 crore almost from his all live stages show and sources saying that he going to increase that bit much more.

Well, according to Ranbeer this is just a beginning he still wanted to work a lot for other makers also I Think the huge success of Bajiro pushed him to take this step and I think he going to be one of the top earning actors of 2016.

Before this step he is not that much fee taking actor and I think somewhere Bajirao Mastani made him what he was right now also he is busy in Paris with the Yash Raj production for the shooting of Befikre and I am sure that he is going to be one of the highest price actors after this movie.

Soon they going to wrap of the Befikre maybe then he going to say something about this officially right now he didn’t said anything officially and that is because he is busy in Shoot also we heard that he going to spend weekemd with Deepike their too because they both are from long distance more than one month and now they going to meet up with each other when Deepika going to visit Paris to meet up with him.