Rapper ARoy Shot and Killed Live Video Viral On Social Media! Who Was Rapper ARoy?

As per a viral video on social media A Roy Oblock has passed away on Tuesday, December 14, 2021. He was an American Rapper. The viral video is showing the last moment of the rapper as it can be clearly seen shooting him in the video. The video was earlier uploaded on Youtube. Later, the video was shared on various social media platforms. When the rapper was to die, a person standing far recorded the video and uploaded it on YouTube with the caption “parking lot in Chicago, Illinois.”

Rapper A Roy

It seems that the viral video has been recorded from a building. The prime suspect is supposed to be the Chicago rapper; however, the face is not clear in the video. In the beginning, some people were considering this viral video a fake video whereas some people could not help crying at this news. The fans have been showing their grieves all across the internet with their social media posts and comments. The rapper had a limited but genuine fan following in America. He was seen as a rising star of the American music industry.

The Viral Video

The video is being claimed to be shot of a parking lot in Chicago, Illinois wherein two gangs are indulging in a dispute. During the fight, one of the oppositions takes out his gun and shot the rapper five times. He was declared to be dead in the hospital due to severe injuries from bullet shots. The video has been spread all across the internet; however, the reason behind the dispute is yet to be known.

There is not much information about the friends of A Roy Oblock and the shooter. The picture quality of the viral video is unable to show a clear image of the convict. The police investigation has embarked on right after their arrival at the crime scene. Some people on social media have been claiming that the perpetrator in this case is a Chicago rapper. Any of the authentic sources have yet not stated the name of the suspect.

Who is A Roy Oblock?

He was an American rapper and famous for his unique style of singing. He was supposed to be in his twenties when he died. He was such a talented hip-hop artist that he was expected to be a very successful personality in future. There is not much information available on the internet related to his age, family and astrology. He was a respected citizen of Chicago, Illinois. He was a prominent member of his musical band that was rooted in Chicago. He has died on Tuesday, December 14, 2021.

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