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Ratan Tata to Regenerate & Rejuvenate to be Head Indian Railways

Ratan Tata to Regenerate & Rejuvenate to be Head Indian Railways. Indian Railway Ministry lead by Minister Prabhu decided Famous and successful Industrialist chairman of Tata Group, Ratan Tata will be head of Committe of Indian railway. Ratan Tata is appointed as head because of Innovating skills, Managerial Power and Decision Making. He is appointed as Railway Ministry. Ratan Tata has taken Tata Industries to another level and now he is given another Big responsibilteies of Nation’s Railway. To Regenrate the business of Indian Railway and also give it new birth in Indian history. Along with Ratan Tata, Two more Railway Leaders Shiv Gopal Mishra and M Raghuvaiah will also be members of “Kaya Kalp” council.

Ratan Tata to Regenerate & Rejuvenate to be Head Indian Railways

Ratan Tata to be head of Kaya Kalp council

The purpose of the Council is to recommend innovative methods and processes for the improvement, betterment and transformation of railways, Prabhu told PTI.

“We are trying to implement all the proposals made in the budget speech. Many of the ideas are being implemented now and setting up of Kaya Kalp Council was one of the proposals,” told by Prabhu, told business-standard

(Ratan) Tata will head the Kaya Kalp council, while General Secretaries of All-India Railwaymen Federation and National Federation of Indian Railwaymen will also be the members of the council, according to railway spokesperson., told business standard.

Fulfill the promises made in the budget, the Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu Thursday ‘rejuvenation Council was formed. Ratan Tata of India noted that it has been appointed chairman. According to the Ministry of Railways, “rejuvenation Council investment in railways will outline the key changes and with all stakeholders and other interested parties contact Sadengi investment. Told Navbharat times.


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