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RBI hasn’t announced of Rs. 2000 Notes having a Nano GPS Chip to track

RBI hasn’t announced of Rs. 2000 Notes having a Nano GPS Chip to trackThe announcement on demonetisation of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes by the PM Narendra Modi, caused ripples across India as people ran to ATMs, grocery shops and petrol pumps to use as much of as of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes.

In his announcement yesterday night, PM Modi said that Rs 500 and Rs 1000 will become like worthless paper and illegal from the midnight of 8th November 2016 and they will be replaced by new Rs 500 and Rs 2000 notes.


CM of West Bengal – Mamata Banerjee, CPI-M and Congress slammed Modi for his draconian decision. Mamta Banerjee also tweeted on the social media Twitter that ‘Withdraw this Draconian Decision’.

BJP Rajya Sabha MP and Owner of Zee News – Dr. Subhash Chandra announced that new Rs 2000 note will have a secret nano chip. This chip will help the central government agencies to trace the note even when it was buried under 120 meters.

new-note500-and-2000But there is no official statement by the Reserve Bank of India that Rs. 2000 note has a nano chip, that help in tracking.”

The theory of Zee News on Rs 2000 embedded nano chip was widely shared on Whatsapp. Now it is speculated that the story made by Zee News was fake.

Funny tweets on nano chip in Rs. 2000 note on social media: