Read Here What is Google’s Tango ?

What is Google’s Tango ? :- Google creates our new invention is the “Google’s Tango” . The functionality is had to get explain but it’s impressive and In the Google tango using the 3-D effects to get more live and creative.

Go with the Google Tango

Actually, this technology basically works on the indoor mapping and with the google tango, you can create objects like the dinosaur and get the selfie with that and enjoying it.

According to the google reports if you can using the google tango than you can attach the virtual life to the real life and it’s quite impressive because sing camera to click a picture of anywhere and then you just using it getting those into the 3-D and feels like alive.

What is Google’s Tango ?

I can explain these concept whats the work of the Google tango:

“Using the Two cameras to get the see the world in to the 3D” = When you take any picture from your android phone and it to be flat mean into the 2-D and with the Google Tango are creating an object that flat image with the two cameras and the time-of-flight sensor and converting into the 3-D real virtualization.

“The google Tango is Mapping your room and given the information where you are present” = the Tango always creating the digital 3-D maps of your surrounded and ,then its remember that mapping and navigate that landmark to getting figure out you where you stand in that room.

“With the Google Tango, now You can see the virtual objects in the real world” = According to the Google using the Tango whens he recognized your furniture and then where your phone in which direction are facing, that it’s creating the virtual world. You can use the virtual world like to the real world.