#ReadyToWait Women Started Campaign For Entry to Sabrimala

There are a lot of temples and shrines in India that banned women entering the main temple of Lord, some are due to myths, however, some are due to judicial supervision. A few days back, Bombay High Court held that the women now can enter the sanctum sanctorum of Haji Ali dargah in Mumbai.


However, another similar issue has been raised after the verdict in Kerala. As on March 21, 2016, Sabarimala temple situated in Pathanamthitta in Kerala. The authorities decided to restrict the entrance of women of menstrual age (10 to 50 years ) in and also around the holy River Pampa during the ‘aarattu’ (ritualistic bath). As during the ceremony, the tradition is, the Ayyappa idol is taken from the temple’s sanctum for a divine dip in the river Pampa.

Though the entry of women during this ceremony is restricted in and around river Pampa. But the ban is permanent for the entrance in Shrine.

To take it back the women around the town took to the social media to start an initiative #ReadyToWait as to dismiss the fact. The women urge the judiciary to make a decision on the matter. A facebook user Anjali George triggered off the campaign and her status was shared widely which now turns into a fight for the justice.

Check out the status of her from the facebook and the further campaign:-