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Realistic Wedding Vows Couples Should Say On Their Wedding

Couples are beginning to put more thought and consideration into their wedding vows. More than ever, they are choosing to write real and more personalized words instead of going with the usual wedding vows traditional. As their wedding approaches, and writing these real wedding vows become more pressing, each half thinks of how to combine the romantic with the practical in their vows.

We have taken the time to curate a list of what most couples should consider, when thinking of writing their wedding vow promises.

Share Everything

Having a partner means you have someone to share life’s events with. However, you will have to take the good with the bad. So sharing doesn’t mean only the fun things. Remember this when writing the best marriage vows

Overlook Unintentional Snubs

Being together all the time means you will have to learn to overlook certain things, even when you might feel slighted.

Be There for Each Other

Some don’t know the gravity of this, but even the small things mean a lot when it’s in support of each other.

Silence is Golden

Not every problem can be solved with words; sometimes the situation requires silence, the golden factor.

Communication Is Key

Keeping communication open both ways can do magic to your relationship. This is one factor to consider when listing promises to make in vows.

Fitness Goals

It is realistic to realize that your partner will change over time, and so will you. Insert this thought for unique wedding vows.

Date Nights

Don’t stop dating. Keep things fresh by setting time aside to go on special dates. wedding-coupleLove Unconditionally

Love is an action word, it is in the doing, not just in the words. Think on that when writing your cute vows.

Keep the In-Laws in Mind

Remember you are marrying into a whole family, not just one person. So, when thinking vows to my husband, keep his family in mind.

Tag Me

Getting married means you always have someone in your corner. Someone who will take your side, stick up for you and give you support. Someone you can tag on Instagram.

Buy Pre-Assembled Furniture

Household projects can put a strain on a relationship. This factor could be included in your vows.

The Throne

A major argument in some homes is deciding on seat up or seat down. Whatever you decide, you could choose to include it in your vows or not.  

Humor One Another

A good way to live life is by laughing at yourself, or selves, as the case may be.

Give the Right Answers

Better to be happy than right, keep that in mind when responding to questions from your other half.

Quality Time

Don’t ever overlook quality time, even if it means spending time doing something you don’t like.

Fight It Out

Fighting is healthy, sometimes. @ksumofo tweeted, “For better or worse, in sickness and health, having the same fight over and over and over again, till death do you part” as her idea of a realistic wedding vow.

Always Be Tactful

Be careful not to curse at each other. Use kind words.

Don’t Wake Up Angry

Don’t go to bed mad, but if you do, try not to wake up that way. As Twitter user @moyermama suggests, vow to find a way to work it out nonviolently.


Prioritize each other and share your thoughts and feelings. And, of course, as Twitter user @RealGregWeber suggests, vow to have chocolate chip cookie dough on hand at all times.

Real Talk

Get down to the nitty gritty of life and consider real eventualities when writing real wedding vows.

Mixed Emotions

You have to learn to take the good with the bad.

The Couple That Plays Together Stays Together

Promise to have fun with each other, share activities you love.

U R Cute

Give compliments to your other half for sweet wedding vows.  @cassandra5cc tweeted, “I promise to never make you take selfies on airplanes before we go on holiday and I promise to never make a final decision on anywhere we eat. Love u lots, u r cute.”

Kind Words

Better to say something nice, or don’t say anything at all; even when making marriage promises.

Always Compromise

Learning to compromise and wearing many hats is a given with marriage. Perhaps think about that for wedding vow inspiration.

Keep Your Promises

Remember, if you give your word, keep it. @sassyseouless tweeted, “Promising your significant other to immediately shoot him/her the face if ever bitten by a zombie” as a marriage vow that means something.

Couple Projects

Spend time together, but also do things together.

Sharing Interests

Promise to keep alive whatever quirks brought you together.

Be Patient with One Another

They say patience is a virtue. It is even more so, when you are married.

Your Undying Commitment

Last but not least, love each other, but even more, commit.

Writing real wedding vows might seem like a daunting task before your wedding. However, when you consider a lot of these aspects to a marriage, the words might flow more freely. Find yourself writing great wedding vows when you put together our list of things together. Ponder each one carefully when writing, to come up with absolutely real and beautiful wedding vows.