Reasons Why Your Next Car Should be a Premium-Segment Car

Earlier, buying a car meant that you got a four-wheeler with a set of seats, a steering wheel, and a tank of fuel. Back then, it wasn’t about the frills and glitz, but only about an engine that could take you from point A to point B. But with the evolution in technology and numerous choices, automobile brands came up with add-on features that made the ride better as well as added to the looks of the four-wheeler.  With that being said, now we all wish to own a car that looks good, performs well, and offers a comfortable ride.

Innovation in technology has made it a reality and designed cars besides mainstream vehicles, giving birth to the premium and the luxury segment of cars. There’s a lot of confusion when it comes to the difference between luxury cars and premium cars. So, to start with, let us clear the confusion between the two. Luxury cars are typically regarded as high-end vehicles which come with a hefty price tag, while premium cars also come with exclusive features, but at a more reasonable price tag.

Why a premium segment car should be your choice?

The price of luxury cars is often too high for a typical car-buyer. Premium cars are a notch higher in terms of price when compared to the mainstream models, but they’re significantly more affordable. Buying a premium segment car, gives you the glitz and glam that you want in a car at a price that you wish to spend, without stretching your budget.  Maruti Suzuki NEXA offers premium cars at an attractive price in India.

Premium cars boast of elegance of their own, with high-end features and a smoother performance and ride – they are surely worth the extra money. When it is about defining the premium car segment, no one does it better than NEXAwith an exclusive price range in India. For shoppers interested in a new vehicle, it can be hard to choose between a premium car and a mainstream model. So, if you are someone who is considering investing in a premium segment car, read on to know more.

Reasons your next car should be a premium-segment car

If you’re still finding reasons to stick to the mainstream car models, read on to know a few worthwhile reasons to invest in a premium segment car –

  • Premium brand tag

One major reason car-buyers choose premium segment vehicles over more mainstream models is the premium tag that comes along with the car. Owning a car from the premium segment certainly makes you a proud car owner. For those who cannot match up to the budget of a luxury vehicle, owning a premium brand car can be an excellent alternative. As premium cars come with better features and looks at a price that is really inexpensive, choosing a premium car over the mainstream models makes good sense.

  • Better features

Premium cars are equipped with a range of excellent add-on features that are hard to find in the mainstream models. Some of the features include automatic transmission, push start, remote keyless entry, automatic air conditioners, etc. Premium segment cars come with improved surfaces, such as fine leather upholstery, soft-touch plastics, chrome garnish, etc. Further, you have the option to personalize your car with interior and exterior styling kits.

  • Material quality

It is a well-known fact that high-end cars are preferred for their quality and long-lasting performance. Even if your car gets old, it will still be in great shape (provided it is maintained in the right way) and will be more reliable compared to an average car. Premium cars share many of the same attributes as luxury cars, but they are better in the price aspect. The premium segment of Maruti Suzuki is NEXA, which is offered at competitive prices in India.

  • Investment

Buying a premium segment car is actually an investment. When compared to other cars, a premium segment car will hold its value for long, depending upon maintenance and overall care. So, these cars have a better resale value in the market.

  • Safety

Safety features get better when you invest in a premium segment car. Such carmakers pay special attention to safety when it comes to designing a car. There are many safety features that come as a standard with premium cars, which on the other hand, can be installed in mainstream cars by paying extra money. Safety features like anti-lock brake systems (ABS), dual front airbags, parking sensor, rear defogger, key left reminder, pedestrian protection, ISOFIX child seat anchorages, etc. are available in premium cars.

  • Drivability

For car enthusiasts, there’s another excellent reason to choose premium vehicles, and that is drivability. Premium models offer better-quality drive and handling in comparison to mainstream cars. As these cars come fitted with automatic transmission, power steering, and excellent suspension, it all adds to the driving experience. Whether it is bumps or a twisty road home, ride and handling may not be a problem if you own a premium brand car.

  • Ride and performance

Another major reason people consider premium cars is that most models offer an agile ride, usually a better ride than many mainstream cars. For people with back problems or similar health issues, the premium car segment is worth it. But, to ensure that the ride and performance suits you, it is always better to take a test drive before choosing any model.

As already mentioned, premium cars come with features that come close to those of a luxury car. However, premium cars are significantly easier to purchase, as they’re generally less expensive. Comparing the price tag and the high-end features, premium vehicles have an advantage over luxury vehicles. If you are interested in premium segment cars, explore Maruti Suzuki NEXA cars and their price in India and bring home your dream car.

Finally, driving a premium segment car also has a sense of pride, as you own a car that is better than most cars on the road today. High-end performance and safety aside, the intangible status value does add to the worth of owning a premium vehicle.