How to Recover Permanently Deleted Folders on Windows & Mac using Disk Drill

Recover deleted folder Windows: Today many users ask the question of how to recover a deleted folder in Windows 10 system. The loss of important information can happen if you are using any operating system. Just one wrong click and the folder with important files are deleted completely. Almost all of us have faced this situation at some point.

However, nowadays it is becoming much easier to find a way out of this unpleasant situation. Modern technical solutions allow users to hold the full set of recovery operations, the effectiveness of which is very high.

Remember that it is quite real to recover deleted folder Windows computer once stored. An important condition for the positive result is immediate recovery procedures. In this case, the probability of successful recovery of the necessary information is higher, because the computer will not fill its place on the disk with new data. It’s better to not use unverified tools because in most cases they only harm the system.

It is always better to trust only reliable methods. One of them is Disk Drill. This utility has proved itself on the best side and demonstrated the high efficiency of recovery operations.

Specifics of folders recovery in Windows OS

The easiest option to access the necessary documents is to use the backup. For example, you can look at the history of files, the recovery points. However, the probability of a positive result is extremely unlikely.

Windows may use some help of third-party development. One of the most effective is the above mentioned Disk Drill. Thanks to this utility, it is really easy to recover files of various formats. The program will allow you to regain access to the necessary documents. The size of the recovered files is up to 500 Mb.

The steps of using Disk Drill, which will help to recover deleted folder, are very simple:

  1. Download the progressive utility.
  2. All procedures are automatic.
  3. Run the utility and click the “Search for lost data” button. Check the box with the disk name where important information was stored.
  4. Wait for the analysis to complete
  5. Select the necessary files for recovery and the place of their new store.

As you see, it’s a really simple and convenient way to recover data with Disk Drill. Moreover, you can download the utility for free. All operations in Windows are automatic.

Specifics of data recovery in Mac system

The recovery operations for this operating system are almost the same as tutorial for Windows PC. You need to download the progressive development, too. Run it, select the disk you want to analyze, wait for the analysis to complete. Then, click on the necessary documents and select the folder where they will be stored in the future.

Using a Mac is a simple and convenient opportunity to save time and get the full range of necessary information.


Thanks to the development of advanced technologies, it’s now very easy to get access to the necessary information that has been deleted. You can learn more about the specifics of recovery operations here.

The most rational option is the use of Disk Drill. This utility is known for its high efficiency and its stable work even under high loads. Recovery operations are very quick, and it’s easy to recover files of various formats.

Now you know how to Recover Deleted Folder on Mac computer or other operating systems. Usually, these procedures take literally a few another operating systemminutes. The free utility will help you easily recover data and regain access to the necessary information. It’s better to download it in advance, because the earlier the analysis starts, the higher the effectiveness of a positive result.