Red Bull Soapbox Race Rules to debut Bandra in Mumbai 2016 FAQs

Red Bull Soapbox Race Rules to debut Bandra in Mumbai 2016 FAQs :-  When we hear about racing its excites us, the passion of being involved in a race really takes us our adrenaline to pumped up.


The joy and emotion that racing brings in the vein of a Human being are not easy to describe. And this time, Indian must tight up their seat belts as Red Bulls racing is about to unleashed in India in the upcoming winters.

The Red Bull SoapBox Race is scheduled to take place in the city of Bollywood superstar “Mumbai” and will kick off on 13 November 2016.

With news, many questions will come into the mind of a people and today we are here with all the information that you may need to know about this upcoming Red Bulls SoapBox race.

In this race, one need to build their own Soapbox car and will have to race downhill. Isn’t is exciting ? Well, it is really exciting especially for those, who loves the creativity with thrill.

The “Powai” area of Mumbai will host this Soapbox race and it is believed that there will be no lack of audience for this race and we would not be surprised if Bollywood star will be seen cheering up in this race.

Fans are really excited about this race but this is not the first time when Redbull Soapbox race will be organised in India. The last time when this race was organised was in the year 2012, Mount Mary, Bandra in Mumbai. 

People from every corner of India can participate in this race and at least 3 members can be in a team and the maximum 4 members can participate in a team in this race.

Any Indian citizen can participate in this race but he/she must be above 18 years and the family members of the participants are allowed to watch the race and even Children are allowed to witness the thrill of Soapbox race.

And guys you don’t need to worry about losing your pocket as entry is free in this race and most important thing, people can apply for participating in this race before 31st July.


  1. Interested people can write their name, mobile number and     city name on the official                                      website, so official               organisers of this race can contact the interested                   individuals. Or one can give the miss call on  8866001830.

2. Once he/she has registered themselves for the race, they             will be provided with the entry form, which they need to              submit with the design of their soapbox.

3. Then, the shortlisted design of different individual will be            invited to participate in the race.

4. Participants have to present at the race court.