Red Fort: Live rounds, boxes of explosives found

Red Fort: Live rounds, boxes of explosives found :- Live rounds and boxes of explosive were found in a well inside the Red Ford, Delhi. The Security agencies and Delhi Police shocked to see this incident.

The senior police officer said that the bullets and hand grenades were recovered during the clean-up drive of the monument on Saturday following which the NSG was informed.

ASI was cleaning the well inside the Red Fort, then they found some ammunition and explosive boxes in one of the wells behind the publication building.

The officer said that Police cordoned the area immediately and informed the NSG and army. NSG bomb disposal teams were reached the spot immediately.

As per the NSG officials that they are inspecting some things they got from the Red Fort.

An NSG official said that 5 mortars and 44 live rounds were recovered from the well inside the  Red Fort. There were 87 fired rounds that were also found.

It is suspected to be government ammunition but the further probe is underway.