Redmi 70-inch 4k Smart TV Price, Launch Date, Price in India, Specifications, Features & Reviews

Redmi 70-inch 4k Smart TV Price, Launch Date, Price in India, Specifications, Features & Reviews: Xiaomi’s sub-brand Redmi is all set to launch its first-ever smart TV on August 29. This is the big day for Redmi and the launch event is scheduled to take place in China. Well, Redmi smart TV is something which is highly anticipated from the day it made its announcement for producing this technology.

  • Xiaomi’s Redmi sub-brand is getting into the Smart TV business
  • TVs are a big segment for Xiaomi, particularly in China and India
  • Lei Jun has announced the upcoming launch of a 70-inch Redmi TV
  • Redmi TV is coming soon.
  • Redmi TV 70-inch launch date confirmed.
  • Rumours suggest Redmi is working on two Redmi TVs.

Almost immediately after declaring the launch date an official photo of the Redmi TV 70-inch is now being shared by the company. As there were so much buzz and rumors floating all around, Redmi, itself has already revealed some of the details regarding the upcoming Redmi TV. The company has also confirmed that the first Redmi TV is going to have a 70-inch screen.

Redmi 70-inch 4k Smart Tv Specifications

One must also take note that this is for the first time that an official photo of the Redmi TV has been revealed. In that photo you can see the complete design of the 70-inch Redmi TV which is having a slick and spectacular look with a big screen. The photo displays the Redmi TV with least bezels on all four sides which also put forward that the Redmi TV is going to offer higher screen-to-body ratio as compared to other smart TVs available at the price range.

There’s been so much rumors and leak regarding Redmi TV in the past. Out of which some suggests that the 70-inch Redmi TV is going to comprise of 4K UHD panel and will also come with model number L70M5-RA. Some of the leaks also suggest that with the 4K UHD screen Redmi TV is going to aim to carry better as well as enriched visual experience to its users.

Redmi 70-inch 4k Smart Price

However, some details and photos of Redmi TV are revealed by the company but the prices are yet to be disclosed by Redmi. Some rumours as well as leaks suggest that the price of the smart TV is going to be on the cheaper side.

But on the other hand some rumours suggests that the price of the Redmi TV is going to be lower than even Mi TVs which by now are quite affordable as well as value-for-money.

This obviously is justifying the rumours that were suggesting that the company through Redmi TV will follow its smartphone pricing strategy. As we all know that Redmi phones are best known for their value for money strategy. It seems to be like that Redmi aims to follow the similar strategy for the upcoming Redmi TV lineup.

There were also other rumours that suggest that Redmi is also working on a 40-inch 4K UHD TV, which is expected to launch in the coming months. Most of the specification of the 40-inch as well as 70-inch Redmi will not vary much from one another except from the fact of their screen size and some more specs, the rumours suggest.