Redmi Smart TV 70-inch Launch Date, Price, Specifications, Features, Reviews & Images

Redmi Smart TV 70-inch Launch Date, Price, Specifications, Features, Reviews & Images: After launching amazing smartphones, Xiaomi’s sub-brand Redmi is now all set to launch smart TVs. The company has already started its work and right now it is working on two smart TV. Previously on Friday, a leak revealed a few of its major details regarding the Redmi TV.


  • Redmi will very soon launch smart TVs.
  • Reportedly Redmi is working on two new smart TVs.
  • Both the upcoming Redmi smart TVs will have the same specs.
  • Redmi TV 70-inch has received certification from 3C.
  • The Redmi TV with 70-inch screen may come before the 40-inch model.
  • Possibly, Redmi smart TVs will be much cheaper than Mi TVs.

Redmi Smart TV: hints 3C certification site

The leak also revealed that there is going to be total of two Redmi TVs and not one as rumoured earlier. As per to the reports, one of the TV is of 70-inch screen while on the other hand the other one is a smaller TV which comprises of 40-inch screen. Not only this but the70-inch Redmi TV has already received certification from 3C. This also indicates that at the 70-inch Redmi TV launch is about to happen soon.

The 70-inch screen Redmi TV may possibly come before the 40-inch model. We can say it so clearly for the reason that the 70-inch Redmi TV has already made its way to the 3C certification site and there is no such news regarding the 40-inch model.

Redmi Smart TV Price

The smart TV has been marked on the certification site with a model number L70M5-RA. But sadly there is nothing more that we know about it as the certification listing doesn’t reveal any further details regarding the Redmi TV, not even the launch timeline.

There are various leaks as well as rumours that suggests that both the Redmi TVs is going to come with 4K UHD screen. The leaks have also suggested that both of the Redmi TVs is also going to cost very inexpensive.

It won’t be wrong to say that Redmi may possibly will also apply its smartphone strategy to its upcoming smart TVs. This means that the buyers may expect both the Redmi TVs on a good offer value for the money.

Redmi Smart TV Specifications

It may perhaps be possible that the upcoming Redmi smart TVs is going to be much inexpensive than Mi TVs that are one of the low-priced smart TVs accessible in the market at the present. If rumours are to be believed then it also suggest that both the upcoming Redmi smart TVs is going to have the similar specification as well as offer 4K UHD screen in order to provide better and heightened visual experience to the users.

Redmi Smart TV Features

In the meantime, there is no such official confirmation or any words whether Redmi will bring the Redmi TVs to India or not as taking Xiaomi’s Mi TVs on consideration, then it selling at the peak level in the country. It has been just one year and Xiaomi has already turns out to be the No 1 smart TV brand in India. It is possible that after considering vast range of Indian market, the company may possibly introduce Redmi TV in the country.