It is quite amazing to see how the construction of a residential house has evolved from time to time. Over the ages, we have witnessed the new engineering methodologies being used, making the construction process more convenient. On the other hand, due to the increased land cost, material prices and labour charges, cost of construction has been increased. It is quite essential to reduce the cost, to fulfil the dreams of many to build their own houses.

By following the methods listed below, construction cost in Bangalore can be saved.

Planning: The objective is to create a road map on how to execute the project. Establishing the work schedule, selection of the resources such as manpower and material, allocating the time and budget for the construction well in advance is more cost-effective.

Cost effective designs: Designing the house structurally and aesthetically using a structural engineer for safer structure with durable and low-cost materials. Freezing the design without making repetitive changes in the design or the plan will reduce the construction cost. Selecting the minimal elevation details is also an alternate method of saving the cost.

Developing a detailed specification: A specification mentioning the user requirements, project constraints, materials used is a key to meet the goal with optimum costing. This helps to avoid any mismatch in the anticipated cost and the actual expenditure during the execution.

Selection of the right materials: Selecting the right material plays a major role in reducing the cost. A detailed list of the different materials used (cement, steel, blocks etc) in the construction along with the quantity and the pricing will give a clear idea on how much to spend on the materials. Using alternate low-cost materials such as UPVC or steel doors in place of wood, using hollow blocks for blockwork, opting precast concrete structures can help achieve low-cost housing. Also buying the right quantity of the material is important for avoiding any wastages. It is important to manage the resources with caution which can be done by hiring a dedicated building contractors.

Hiring the right building contractor: Since the contractor is the one responsible for the execution, choosing an experienced and skilled professional is necessary. A skilled contractor would use the resources with great efficiency keeping the wastage very minimal. He would also use the new technologies giving a better quality of work. Well, coordination with the contractor to keep a constant check on the quality helps in saving both money and time.

For example, cutting the right length of the steel, a well-mixed concrete with right cement and aggregate proportion, allocating the exact number of labours etc will reduce the cost of construction by a great margin.

Quality control: Quality of the execution directly affects the structural stability and the aesthetics of the building. It is important to keep a regular check on the quality. A structure with a good evenly finished surface requires a minimum amount of plaster, saving a huge amount of cement, reducing the cost of the materials.

These are the few effective methods of reducing the cost of construction in Bangalore.