Released First Official Teaser Transformer: The Last Knight Movie Hd Video

Released First Official Teaser Transformer: The Last Knight Movie Hd Video :- One of the most Successful franchisees of Hollywood, which is “Transformer” is all set to hit the theater and rule the big screen with their 5th part titled  “Transformer: The Last Knight”.



Michael Bay who is the director of “Transformer : The Last Knight”  has released the trailer on 23 May 2016.

The responses from the fans have been amazing but it was expected , as all the four previous edition of “Transformer” Franchisee were  extremely super blockbusters.

Now when the teaser of this movie has revealed , fans are even more excited about this movie . This edition of Transformer will release on June 23, 2017. This movie has already

Enjoy the official teaser of the film Transformer: The Last Knight here:

This movie had already grabbed the headlines when Michael Bay had tweeted that “Something Wicked this way”.

After this tweet fans started prediction that the main lead of Transformer 1, 2, and 3 who is Shia LaBeouf will make the return to this edition as famous “Sam Witwicky”.

But all the allegations were wrong , one who is returning to this edition of Transformer is Megatron with advanced looks.

It is believed that Megatron has modified himself and will return to seek revenge from his old time enemy “Optimus Prime”.

The star cast of the “Transformer 5” will see a new female face opposite Mark Wahlberg’s Cade Yeager.

It is expected that Nickeledeloen Star, Isabela Moner ,

Isabela has been appreciated for her roles in both TV and Movies like “100 things to do Before High School” , “Middle School : The Worst Year of My Life” and others.

As per sources , she will play the main lead role in “Transformer : The Last Knight” , unlike the other female stars like Megan Fox , Rosie Huntingtunwhitely and Nico Peltz who all were only the support system for the male leads in all the previous editions.

According to the sources, news is  coming that Moner will play the role of a Street tomb boy and the whole story of Transformer 5 will revolve around her.

This will be a challenge for a 14-year-old Moner to make her big screen debut with Franchisee like Transformer.

Fans will also love the new look of “Bumblebee” who is one of the most loved characters in Transformer franchise.

Meanwhile, Optimus Prime who is the Leader of the Autobots will lead his team against new improved Megatron.

Prime will set out to learn about the new “Quintessons” which is a rare race.

The shooting for this edition will begin shooting in Detroit. Also, there is no official confirmation whether Nicola  Peltz and Jack Reynor will return in the movie or not.

“This Transformer : The Last Knight” will be released on June 23, 2017 ,followed by the Bumblebee spin-off movie will release in 2018 and Transformer 6 will release in 2019.

Fans are really excited about the “Transformer : The Last Knight” and whispering have  started about joining this edition to reach 500 crore club and winning Oscar.