Reliance Jio is launching its own 5G handsets with 5G services

Reliance Jio is launching its own 5G handsets with 5G services: You all might remember the Jio wave which changed the scenario of 4G Internet and even the whole telecom communication in India, they are back. Yes! Reports are coming the company is planning to launch their own 5G handset along with the 5G speed and that’s really cool. Some of you might know that the Jio isn’t just a telecom company they are much more like a revelation. The thing is that everyone is in love with the Jio and they have big share in Indian market.

Reliance Jio may bundle its own 5G handsets with 5G services: Report

Well, Mukesh Ambani-led company Jio is gearing up for the commercial rollout of its FTTH service Jio GigaFiber. Some of you might know that the year 2020 will see the launch of its 5G services. Yes! Reports are coming that they are working on the tech for now and trying to make things alright. Reports are coming that the Jio is working on 5G services since 2017 but now a report from Financial Chronicle says that Jio could launch the service by April next year.

Now, the reports are coming that the company is in a talking term with various mobile vendors to come up with a working solution. Some reports are saying that the Jio would begin the roll out the 5G services once the spectrum auction takes in place in July in India. Some reports are indicating that the Jio may launch its 5G handsets simultaneously with the launch of the 5G services. So, the users do not face any problems in experiencing the high-speed 5G services.

It all can be rumour but we aren’t sure that it is. You all might know that they have done revolution and they are working very gently with 5G too. Some reports are saying that they will replicate their 4G mobile services and feature phone model in 5G. You all should know that the jio aims to disrupt the 5G market as well with its services in 2020.