Reliance Jio new Technology – OBD Jio Car Connect, Try to connect 90% vehicles to the Internet

Mumbai: As per the new reports that Reliance company also plan to connect 90% vehicles to the Internet by the year 2020. Already, People queue up outside Reliance Jio stores to get their hands on the new Reliance Jio Sim.

According to a reports of Team-BHP that Reliance Jio has started developing a Jio Car Connect OBD — an On-Board Diagnostics service — to better help drivers on Indian roads.


The on-board diagnostics(OBD) technology has been an important matter for modern car manufacturers for providing more information to the customers about their cars seamlessly.

The new technology works on the basis of data collected from the sensors of the car, which is depicted on a small-screened mobile or other electrical device. It is also used for viewing the salient features of the car, if it is in good condition or not.

The Jio Car Connect will consist of a hardware device which plugs into the OBD port of the car along with a mobile app. The new device is as small as a Dongle and has a SIM slot.

A Wi-Fi hotspot will be established after inserting the Reliance Jio SIM into the Dongle-like device. This gives users access to a slew of new RJio apps, cinema, music, and much more. The user can also make free voice calls with the help of Jio Join App.

The app is still under development. The app will provide all vital statistics about the car including fuel info, battery alert, water level and oil status. If the new technology sees the light of the day, it will become a nifty tool for daily car users.  Till now, The company has not made any official announcements about the launch of the new device.