Republic Day 2019: ‘Shankhnaad’ to be heard on Rajpath for the first time

Republic Day 2019: ‘Shankhnaad’ to be heard on Rajpath for the first time: You all should know that the Republic day 2019 is here and we all should be ready for this amazing day. People are starting to gather at the Rajpath Delhi to see the parade. You all should understand that the various events are changed for this day at Rajpath this year. We all should be ready for the new action and the introduction of a desi tune too. Yes! Reports are coming that instead of the martial tune which has been played since British time we’ll have something desi.

Now, the sources are saying that the ‘Shankhanad’ will be heard on the Rajpath on January 26, 2019, for the first time in history. If you want to know about the Sankhnaad then you all should know that it is a martial tune created for the Indian Armed forces and it will be played for the first time. Also, the sources are suggesting that this is the first original martial tune of independent India based on Indian classical music and the composition.

Even, some reports are saying that the tune itself is the combination of three classical ragas–Raag Bilaskhani Todi, Raag Bhairavi and Raag Kirvani. We think that the tune is really going to make you all amazed when you are going to hear it. The tune has been composed by Dr. Tanuja Nafade, a professor from Nagpur, and is based on a poem written by Brig. Vivek Sohal.

Reports are coming that the Mahar Regiment took the decision to remove British tune and bring Indian classical music. You all should know that the tune was accepted as official martial tune in December 2017.  You all should also know that it was played by 14 military bands together for the first time during the Army day parade held on January 15, 2019.