Retail Inflation is slower than expectation: 18-Months Low of 2.19 pc in Dec

Retail Inflation is slower than expectation: 18-Months Low of 2.19 pc in Dec: Yes! Reports are coming that the Retail Inflation is very slow. Even, the Retail inflation declined to an 18-month low of 2.19 per cent in December. You all should remember that it was the last year of month and that could be the reason of low inflation. Also, the lower inflation mainly affected sliding prices of fruits, vegetables and fuel.

You all should know that the inflation was based on the Consumer Price Index. Also, the reports are suggesting that the inflation was 2.33 per cent in November. Also, it we compare to the last year then you all should know that it was 5.21 per cent in December 2017. Overall, Retail inflation affected the whole market of India.

As you all may know that the low inflation was 1.46 per cent in June 2017. Overall, the way it is dancing is quite bad. Also, you all should know that the according to the data released by the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation, food inflation remained in the negative zone at 2.51 per cent compared to (-) 2.61 per cent in November.

We think that the rate of vegetables raises high. On the other hand, fruits and protein-rich eggs continued to decline. However, there was a marginal increase in the prices of meat, fish, and pulses. Overall, we are going to write down all the updates here. You all can check the updates here and if you have any question then you all can ask us down in the comment section.