Revealed : Bollywood Udta Punjab Movie Story plot Details Leaked

There are lots of rumor and controversy about the Udta Punjab movie after the A-grade and 89 cuts there was another controversy which is the “Udta Panjab Story Leaked” .



There was the Udta Panjab trailer are released on Saturday and when everyone watch it look like mind blowing and the whole movie are based on drug addicted people who loves in Panjab. The movie leads actors are Shahid Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Kareena Kapoor and Diljit Dosanj‘s . In the movie everyone playing a powerful role in the Udta Panjab.

According to the leaked where in the movie the Shahid Kapoor are played a role , A local Punjabi rockstar who’s accepted drug and also indicate drug in his song to playing in movie and Shahid Kapoor named Tommy Singh and Alia Bhatt plays a role of a Bihari worker, and Kareena plays a Dr. Preet Singh role who’s always trying to drug abuse situation of the control.

As the leaked reports ,Where the Dr. Preet Sahni (“Kareena “) is a doctor who’s after a long time returning to the Punjab after losing her love which is the one to drugs. After that she’s decided to open a clinic in the Amritsar and want to helping the drugs addicted people. then there was a love angle created between her and Diljit Dosanj .

According to the movie,The Diljit’s is the brother who’s Kareena’s patient. so its an overall view of the Udta Panjab. it’s release on 17th June 2016.

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