Revealed: NIA Arrest Two Chief Operatives of ISIS Module in Hyderabad

Revealed: NIA Arrest Two Chief Operatives of ISIS Module in Hyderabad :- The ISIS has been the ultimate face of terrorism in the last couple of years. Even, the powerful country like America has been the victim of this agency.


Many videos were uploaded on the YouTube which states the ruthless murder of innocent Americans.

But, now it looks like, ISIS is planning to root their terrorist activities even in India. The latest news is coming out the 5 members who are accused of having a connection with the ISIS are arrested in Hyderabad.

The National Investigation Agency has arrested these 5 members in Hyderabad on July 13 and its is believed that all these are local ISIS members.

It is believed that these people are associated with the  missing of a group of people in Kerela. Meanwhile, NIA is investigating with these accused people in order to know the planning of the ISIS agent and to expose their plans of targeting the malls, temple, roads, and heavy loaded crowded places.

According to the reports, it is believed that all these arrested suspect are working under the shadow of  Muhammad Shafi Armour, who is considered  to he the head of the  group of Indian Jihadists.

As per the reports, a total number of 20-40 people were missing in last three month and intelligence bureau of India are suspecting that all the missing people went on to join their hand with the ISIS in Kerala.

The special branch of NIA is currently concentrating on searching for those missing people. The agencies are even talking to the parent of the lost people.

Also, 70 percent of the missing people are above the age of 20 and this thing is something serious to think about and if it will continue to be like this then, it can even further problem and will enable the ISIS to settle their root in India.