RGV Bruce Lee Movie Trailer Video 1st Look Poster Released

RGV Bruce Lee Movie Trailer Video 1st Look Poster Released : Ram Gopal Varma latest new upcoming Bruce Lee Movie official trailer had been released and getting good response from the audience. Bruce Lee will be the 1st Martial Arts based movie of Indian Cinema. Bruce Lee is an iconic international figure. The legendary martial arts guru can be pronounced immortal for his achievements. His movies like Enter The Dragon and Big Boss have stormed the world in 70s. He has been inspiration for many even today. Sensational director, Ram Gopal Varma admits that he is a follower of Bruce Lee. In fact, there is an image of Ramu trying Bruce Lee kick in his younger days. Now below get complete details of Bruce Lee Movie.

RGV Bruce Lee Movie 1st Look Poster

rgv bruce lee movie 2015

It goes…
You pour water into a tea cup and it becomes the tea cup …you put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle You put it in a tea pot and it becomes the tea pot .. water can flow and water can crash …Be water, My friend.

Bruce Lee Movie Trailer Video

Bruce Lee movie trailer, which was released a couple of days ago, struck the right cords with those who love action flicks, and the slow-mo trailer that showed the girl knocking down several men raised the excitement levels among RGV’s loyal fans. Through the film, RGV is paying tributes to his favorite action hero, Bruce Lee.

In Bruce Lee movie the voice over which comes in certain parts of this video is of the original voice of Bruce Lee recorded nearly 40 years back and hence the low quality. Ram Gopal Varma points of view on Bruce Lee movie :- “My interpretation of the greatest theme music I ever heard in my life from my film “Bruce Lee”.