Ricou Browning Death Reason? Underwater Creature in ‘Black Lagoon, Passed Away at 93

It is very hard to announce that a very well-known American film director Ricou Browning passed away at age the of 93. He was an actor, director, producer, and screenwriter who is no more among his close ones and he took his last breath on Monday. His close ones are very saddened and shocked by his sudden death. It is very painful news for the television community as they lost their beloved person. Now many people are searching for Ricou Browning’s name on the internet as they are very curious to know about his cause of death. We have more information about the news and will share it with you in this article.

Ricou Browning Death Reason?

Ricou Browning was a very famous actor and director who was better known for his underwater stunt work, especially in the 1954 movie Creature from the Black Lagoon. When he was 23 years old he started his career. He was working as a lifeguard at Wakulla Springs in Florida. He was also assigned as a guide to the Creature from the Black Lagoon film crew to show around the area. He was a very talented person and he acted in various roles and was featured in Revenge of the Creature, TV Show called Sea Hunt and The Creature walks among us. Scroll down to the next page for more information about the news.

Ricou Browning Death Reason?

A very famous American actor and movie director, Ricou Browning is no more among his close ones. He took his last breath at the age of 93 on Monday, 27 February 2023 at his home. Ricou’s daughter Kim Browning has confirmed his passing news. Now many people are very curious to know about Ricou Browning’s cause of death. On the basis of the report, Ricou Browning’s cause of death was a natural cause. You are on the right page for more information about the news, so please read the complete article.

Ricou Browning was born on 16 February 1930 in Fort Pierce, Florida, United States. He was a very famous personality who achieved huge success due to his best work and he will be always missed by his family, friends and those who know him.  Since his death news came on the internet, many people are very saddened and shocked by his sudden death and they expressed their deep condolences to his family and paying a tribute to him on social media platforms. Stay tuned to Dekh News for more updates.

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