Ridely App Solves Your Daily Travel Problem By Ex Mobikwik & Jabong Employees

While commuting to Office/College daily, Have you ever wondered if you could travel more comfortably while keeping the travel cost low? Do you know how many people in your office/college commute to the same destination as you? Have you ever thought of sharing an AUTO or CAB with someone to save on your everyday travel but was not able to find anyone? Or tried to find people with whom you can commute daily and drive alternatively in traffic? These Ex-Mobikwik and Jabong employees want to solve all these problems with RIDELY.


Varun Verma, Rachit Gupta and Ankur Gaur while working with Jabong and Mobikwik, faced problems during their daily commute. After trying many of the available solutions, they came up with the idea for RIDELY.  They shared in a likedin post here about the problems they faced and how they decided to build Ridely.RIDELY is the new carpooling app that’s already a buzz in town!

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RIDELY is an android app trying to create a mark in the Dynamic Ride-Share/Carpooling market. By providing a social experience on your daily commutes, the app lets you travel more comfortably and with known/verified people. With PEOPLE DISCOVERY you can find and connect with people around you going to same places and you can travel together using Cabs, AUTO or Private Car/Bikes.

A office/college goer drives about 60–100 km per day, or 2000 kms in a month. By using RIDELY, he can reasonably save at least 50% of his driving, or 1000 kms in a month, which translates to over Rs. 4000 per month or about Rs. 50,000 per annum in terms of savings of fuel and maintenance costs.

While Offering rides on Ridely, you can decide the Price per seat (Rs. 0–5 per km) that you want to charge. Currently transactions are Cash-only but soon, you will be able to have Cashless transactions on the platform. You can even Offer Repeating Rides for next 20 days in one go while creating a ride.

RIDELY is available for use across India and works well for both Inter-City and Intra-City travel needs. It also offers Real-time tracking of the ride to help Co-riders locate each other during the ride. Trust is an issue in ride sharing, but with RIDELY you can see the Verification Details of Co-Riders before sharing a ride with them people can verify their corporate details (where do they work or study) and Government IDs like Aadhaar Card/Voter ID Card.

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Website : ridely. co

RIDELY is full of features and with Delhi’s Odd-Even planned in April, it looks like a perfect way to commute and beat the heat during summers.

You can see a video explaining how to search rides/people on Ridely here .

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